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Originally Posted by monkey247 View Post
Exactly. For me that's the root of the problem. The majority of people want the comfort of being told what to do, how to think, how to behave. If you do anything contrary to the official ideology, you end up being coerced by the state. Far easier to conform to the dictates of "authority", than to think for oneself, and Safin seems to be no exception.
Safin is the part of this system now. It's like a gang, there is no way out. Anti-adoption law and now this anti-gay law have basically made all of them accomplices in a crime and one day even if it's in 20 years they will probably be held accountable for everything. I'm pretty sure that most of his russian friends from tennis times won't shake hands with him now. At least Kafelnikov and Myskina are among them.
And we really don't know what's on his mind. He might just want to sit there through the rest of the term and then go into business and never come back to politics again or he might be ok with everything and continue to be a part of this new Russia.
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