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Originally Posted by inez View Post
:-( .... shame on them can we take the Duma seriously when they just rubber - stamp these reactionary concepts?? presumably Marat must have flown back from parading around in Monte-Carlo/SOF to press his button, huh...hope he didn't pick up any corrupting western influences on the way...
Most of them have property in USA, their children study and work in USA, UK and Switzerland. The irony of this latest law is that it's initiator has a son who lives in Belgium and is a partner in law firm actively supporting LGBT!

The law itself is half of a problem. The main horror is accompanying state media homophobic propaganda. According to the latest poll 42% of Russians think that homosexuality should be a criminal offence punished by jail term. Few years ago only 19% thought so. The are articles in state controlled media that suggest Russia should create it's own concept of human rights where certain categories like gays don't deserve any rights at all. Yesterday one of the MP's openly encouraged police and anti-gay crowd near Duma to beat up pro-gay protesters saying literally "go cut these faggots' balls off".
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