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Re: Political Discussion Thread

Homophobic law has been passed in Duma. Now if I post anything positive or even neutral about LGBT I might be fined up to 3000 Eur. Thank you, dear Marat.
btw I hope you know that if hell existed you sucessfully booked yourslef a place there after voting for anti-orpahn law. I guess new hate crimes against gays and teens' suicides is nothing compared to a disabled orphans' misarable life and death in loony bins and houses for elderly you are now personally responsible for.

I just have few questions. Like, when do you and your colleagues plan to itroduce fines for sex outside wedlock? Isn't it against russian tradtional values? oh, and What about feminism? Will it be criminal or administartive offence. After all, Pussy Riot trail demostrated that feminism can actually be a ground for a jail term. Also, when do you plan to shut down Twitter and Facebook in Russia? State media explained pretty clear that corrupted West is exporting into Russia amorality and perversions threatening our values and the whole existence of Russia.

And finally, when do you plan to close borders like it was back in USSR? I'd like to know if I should hurry up and leave you to build this bright future for Russia without me.

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