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Re: Gonzo Articles and News

Another great interview with Fernando (internet translation)

Fernando González: "Each time I feel more near the number one"

The "Bomber" initiates Monday the one that will be its harder tour of the year in European courts, where expects to reach the "tri" in Düsseldorf and to give the surprise in Roland Garros.

It confessed that is not pololeando and that expects to see to play Chile in the World one of Germany.

The present number one of Chile travelled to Europe conscious that will be one of the hardest exits in which goes of the year. It will participate in the Master Series of Rome and Hamburg, then will seek the tricampeonato in Düsseldorf for subsequently play Roland Garros." Is the most important tour, by the time, the quantity and the prominent thing that are the tournaments that am going to dispute. But I am happy and very motivated to play possible the best and I hope to gain some of them", assures an animated one Fernando González hours before leave.

*¿Your objective is to defend points, to gain a tournament, the tricampeonato in Düsseldorf or to prepare you to give the surprise in Roland Garros?

*The time teaches you that each tournament is important and one must treat to yield al maximum, because one never what knows is going to happen later. Besides, they are championships that have played well in other years and that obviously I expect to gain or to arrive as up as possible.

*¿What teaching left you to play with Roger Federer in Montecarlo?

*I realized that al number one also costs him to close the parties. That helped me enough for my confidence and to be able to comply a second one set very concentrated. Besides it remained myself clear that each time I am more near fighting somewhat large and to reach al better than the world. In the measure in which he can face to rival as Federer, my performance will go improving.

*Before Roland Garros you should play for Chile in Düsseldorf in the search of the tricampeonato world..

*This year perhaps will be a little different. The two previous years I required me al maximum, I played eight parties when we gain for the first time and last year I played six. Now we go with four players instead of three exactly to distribute us a little more the encounters, because in reality was very desgastante, especially last year, when dragged an injury in the elbow.

*But you have clear that you and Massú they define the points..

*With the Nico charms us to play for Chile, motivates us a lot, so much in Cup Davis as in the Cup of the World, but we are going to ration because I finished very exhausted after the other two championships.

*To all this, ¿as is your relation with Nicolas Massú? Continue so friends?

*Yes, clear. It is with the one that more I share in the circuit and in Chile. We remain in the same hotel, we are going to eat together, the side rooms of the tournaments are the same and even we play the double of the large tournaments. In fact, we are going to play double in Rome and in Hamburg and we have to join us to define which will they be the other two players that go to Düsseldorf.

Rivers and the Cup Davis

*¿You cause causes common in them said from Of the Rock when says to be felt handled for all the matter of the nationality and the headquarters of Cup Davis?

*Horacio is a contribute. What worse than can pass is that all continue equal, and the best is that he deliver all his experience and his work by our tennis.

*Marcelo Rios said in a program of television that when he declared his disposition to be a captain of the team of Cup Davis did not feel your support neither of Massú and now already finally he is not in his plans to be sat down on the chair..

*There is people with more experience than has not had the Cup captain to be opportunity Davis. El Chino withdrew does less than one year and to be a captain is not only to be seated on the chair, but to coach to all the players and to be worried of all the details. Perhaps Marcello it can be a candidate to future.

*¿The fact that Rios he have opted by an up to now far away life of the tennis as daily activity, he has moved away him of tí and of Massú?

*Never I have been very friend of el Chino, there is not evil wave, but we do not have many things in common..

*¿What seems you that have itself married with Kenita Larraín?

*Good for him. I informed me by the newspapers. Al principle did not believe, but thus was..

*¿And you, Fernando, you have not thought about marrying?

*Yes. At the end of the year I will marry.....but I do not know with who..

*¿In Serious?

*Ha, ha, ha, ... not, is a joke. The truth is that I am single.

*¿Ah, yes? For how long are you alone?

*It does as two or three months, but I am not going to enter in details.

¿What do you think on the election of executive of the Confederacy of Tennis?

*Is a pity that go Andrés (Fazio), he arrived when was the broom in the Confederacy. But I understand its motives. On the candidates do not I have greater opinion, only I expect that the things be done well.

"I want to see the Red one in Germany"

On the exit of Elms and the arrival of Goes to bed, González as swells of the soccer and colocolino that "it more serious was that Elms finished its process. It is a pity that lacking so few dates to finish the eliminatorias change a coach of a day for another".

*¿What seems you Nelson Acosta?

*Is a good technician. He has merits to spare. I hope he can do something and he classify us again.

*¿If Chile arrives al World, you are going to go to see some party?

*I am going to put all the pledge in going, because really I want to see a party of Chile in Germany. In fact, is played in an epoch after Roland Garros, so I will try to do me the time to see to play the Red one in the World one.
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