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Re: Bernard's Articles and News

Bernard Tomic


B. BECKER/B. Tomic
6‑4, 6‑7, 7‑6

THE MODERATOR: Questions, please.

Q. How did you pull up after that?

BERNARD TOMIC: It was a good match, good first match on grass.

Q. What were you thinking in that third set when you were down and had to fight back so hard? That must have taken a lot of heart for that comeback.

BERNARD TOMIC: Yeah. I was doing a good job to come back in that third set. He should have won the third set. He should have beat me 6‑2, I think, 6‑3.
I was lucky to get back. That's all I can say.

Q. What would you put it down to? He was obviously serving pretty well.

BERNARD TOMIC: Yeah, he was serving well. I knew it was going to be tough. He had more matches than me on grass. He had been playing really well, made the final of the challenger last week. He was a dangerous player to play.
Tough tiebreak in the end. I'm happy the way I played. I think it was a good match for my first match on grass and especially back from my injury, so it was good.

Q. When were you able to start in again after Paris?

BERNARD TOMIC: Last week Thursday, last week Thursday, properly. I was really hitting with one leg for about 20 minutes before that.
Still Saturday, Sunday, I wasn't 100% sure, and then Sunday I felt like I could run at 100%, and, you know, didn't really feel it, which was good. It was good news. But probably didn't prepare as good as I should have due to the injury.
But close match, came down to one point.

Q. Your dad was obviously back in your corner today. Did that help you at all?

BERNARD TOMIC: I didn't see him, to be honest. I didn't look at anything. I wasn't looking anywhere.
Funny you spotted him and I didn't. Well, that's interesting.

Q. Have you made any changes to your setup, your coaching staff?

BERNARD TOMIC: Yeah. Got my best friend working with me now. He's a good mate of mine in Monaco. It's gone good. We will try and see how it goes.
Yeah, good first match on grass. I'm happy the way I played. You know, lucky I'm not feeling the leg and I'm getting closer to Wimbledon.

Q. You said you didn't know your dad was there. Did you expect him to be here today?

BERNARD TOMIC: Yeah. I expected him to be here. I knew he was at my hotel. I saw my dad in the morning. I had breakfast with him.
But, you know, it was 50/50 whether he was going to come. I didn't really know he was there today. I wasn't really looking. Wasn't really something I was focusing on.

Q. When you said you made changes in your setup in terms of what's happening in Monaco, is that with your management or coaching or...

BERNARD TOMIC: No, that's just with myself. Yeah, just working with my friend now. Good to have a good relationship with him and my trainer. It's very good. And also my hitting partner that's working with me is very good. So I've got a good team.

Q. Can we just clarify with the hitting partner, Thomas Drouet, is that who you're referring to?

BERNARD TOMIC: Thomas who?

Q. Drouet.

BERNARD TOMIC: Yeah, that's a good question. No, it's not him. It's another bloke, good friend of mine also from here.

Q. Apart from doubles here with Lleyton, what's next week? Eastbourne or what are you doing?

BERNARD TOMIC: Yeah. Yeah, I'm going to play there. Hopefully I can do better there, get a good match, maybe win a match, get some confidence. Should be good.

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Re: Bernard's Articles and News

Love it... Thomas who ?
Cracks me up

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Re: Bernard's Articles and News

I want my dad by my side, says Bernard Tomic
June 23, 2013 11:25AM
BERNARD Tomic has revealed for the first time he's struggling to cope with the ban imposed on his father and coach and has slammed the ATP over its handling of the issue.

It comes as officials announced John Tomic's tour suspension will remain in place until at least May next year.

As he prepares to play at Wimbledon without his father by his side, Bernard Tomic says the ATP has not fully considered his welfare by implementing the ban.

"Truly from my side, they're not doing the right thing," Tomic told AAP.

"As a player, they should be protecting me and doing the best for me.

"I'm an upcoming player that's doing well and they have to be supporting me and to see what they're doing towards me is not good.

"He is my coach and I've lost a coach now that should be travelling with me on the tournaments and going to my matches and it's difficult, the feeling is not the same.

"I'm on my dad's side and always will be."

John Tomic's tour credentials have been suspended since he was charged with allegedly assaulting Bernard's former training partner, Frenchman Thomas Drouet, during the Madrid masters.

He denies assault, saying he was acting in self defence, and the case will be heard in a Madrid court in October.

Under ATP rules, it is up to individual tournaments to decide if he can attend events as a spectator.

He did so at grass-court events in Queen's and Eastbourne last week but he has been barred from attending Wimbledon, as he was at Roland Garros last month.

While Bernard has insisted until now he's been able to remain focused on tennis despite the drama of recent months, he has revealed his frustration at the situation.

"Truly it does (affect me). It's always a bit of a worry and you're thinking about that stuff deep down inside," he said.

"It's not easy to see. My dad is my coach, he's my dad and the issues we've faced the last couple of months, to see that happen is very difficult as a player and someone that's competing in tournaments.

"I don't know how the ATP came to what they did but it wasn't very good from them."

ATP officials had been carrying out their own investigation into the incident and told AAP on Saturday the suspension would last until at least May 2014.

"Our investigation into the incident has concluded and John Tomic's credential privileges remain suspended at ATP events for a 12-month period from when the incident took place (May 4, 2013). The suspension will be reviewed at the end of the 12-month period," the ATP said in a statement.

Bernard Tomic says his father will remain his coach, but the ATP's latest decision will continue to complicate matters.

Tomic recently revealed he'd made several changes to his coaching staff, drafting in Eugenio Forchione, Ivan Dimitrijevic and Harry Skinner as part of his support team.

Tennis Australia's head of professional tennis Todd Woodbridge said he would meet with Bernard Tomic and his father after Wimbledon to discuss the coaching situation.

"Obviously plans need to be made for what they think Bernard needs," Woodbridge told AAP.

"The other part is that you want an athlete to take ownership of their career too. Bernard is maturing in age and he's got to give input about that person and who that might be.

"He's still not sure about that, so there's still a bit of looking and probing about where and who and what might happen in those roles."

Tomic opens his Wimbledon campaign against 21st seeded American Sam Querrey on Tuesday.
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Re: Bernard's Articles and News


June 25, 2013

Bernard Tomic


B. TOMIC/S. Querrey
7‑6, 7‑6, 3‑6, 2‑6, 6‑3

THE MODERATOR: Questions, please.

Q. What happened in the third and fourth sets with your health?
BERNARD TOMIC: Yeah, very disappointing. I felt very bad out there. Lost my energy. And that I think was due to I didn't eat as much in the morning. I think I only had a little bit of breakfast. By the time I know it, I was playing and I didn't really eat before. It was a nightmare out there the third and fourth. I think I lost my energy a lot in the first and second set.
It's okay. Lucky. Somehow I won. Nightmare.

Q. What was the difference between that fourth and fifth set? Where did the new energy come from?
BERNARD TOMIC: Well, I tried to save as much energy as I can when I knew in the third set that I was feeling very bad. He broke me early in the fourth. I felt very bad. So I gave myself, you know, three, four games where I had to, you know, not try as much so I can have the chance of doing as best as I can in the fifth, because I was feeling very bad out there and I wasn't sure what was wrong. Very dizzy. So I gave myself the best chance.
Fifth set I think I played very good at the right time.

Q. Did you consider stopping?
BERNARD TOMIC: Well, I knew the more I played, the harder I played, the worse I was going to feel. So, you know, when I wasn't playing as hard or going for my shots, I felt okay.
It's just when I, you know, managed to lose my breath, he was running me around, I felt very bad.
So I tried to shorten the points. I probably wasn't going to pull out. I was going to try to hang in there to see how I feel in the fifth set. That's when I, you know, got all my energy together and played all right in the fifth set.

Q. What was the diagnosis? There was a lot of people around you. What did they give you?
BERNARD TOMIC: Oh, just a tablet to cool me down because I was very dizzy. I don't know what that does. I managed to feel okay about 10, 15 minutes after that, which is about the start of the fifth set.
So very happy the way I played in the fifth set. It's not easy to play this guy. He's very difficult. I mean, looking at the stats, he served 36 aces, so difficult.

Q. The Aussie fans got into it right at the start of the third set. Did that give you a bit more adrenaline, raise your level?
BERNARD TOMIC: Yeah, it did. I was very happy to see them at my court. It encourages you a lot. It gave me the will to play when I felt bad out on the court. So I was happy that I had a few supporters out there. I managed to turn it around.
You know, that's an important thing, to have the crowd on your side. For some certain players, we can play well. I seem to play better when I have good support around me.

Q. Did your dad manage to come and watch you play today?
BERNARD TOMIC: No, he didn't. It's sad. It's a shame because, you know, to have this huge tournament here and you're competing, all of a sudden not to have someone there who's been there for your whole life is very difficult. It's not a good feeling.
You know, it's tough. But, you know, hopefully it will work out.

Q. Do you think Wimbledon was a bit harsh to ban him?
BERNARD TOMIC: Yeah, I'm not saying it's Wimbledon, they're harsh. I'm saying probably the ATP. It's their decision. From what I know it's very disappointing, and I'm going to keep saying it, it is. From what they investigated about my dad, whoever is on the board, this guy called Gayle, he said clearly he was on the phone with my father and made a decision on behalf of that.
You don't do that. If you're the ATP, you come on a flight, you have a meeting with whatever's wrong.
At this stage, they didn't. They investigated something on the telephone for 30 seconds and made a decision, which is very bad. You don't do that, I think. Whoever was on the board to make that decision, it was Gayle and a few more people, very disappointing to see that happen like that. That's the only thing that's harsh, I think.

Q. Any chance of that changing or is that decision fixed?
BERNARD TOMIC: Well, Wimbledon have their decision. They'll stand by the decision. But, like I said, the ATP's my main concern of what they did.
It's all right that tournaments, certain tournaments, have decided to ban him. I think my dad was able to come at Queen's, which was all right. But it all came through the ATP. Now, there's a lot of players that are very disappointed with the ATP, that's for sure. I'm not going to lie and come here on a press conference and‑‑ you know, before postmatch we always get ATP people telling us what to say. I'm not going to hide and say that, you know‑‑ I'm not going to say false things. I'm going to say the truth of how I feel. It's disappointing.

Q. There's a suggestion your dad might have been getting a ticket up at Southfields. Have you spoken to him? Is there any truth in that?
BERNARD TOMIC: That, I don't know. That's really a funny rumor.

Q. Can't shed any light?
BERNARD TOMIC: No, that I don't know about. But, yeah.

Q. Have you spoken to him since? Obviously he must be pleased that you won?
BERNARD TOMIC: Yeah, I spoke to him on the phone. Yeah, he's very pleased that I won. Like I said, it's very difficult to play a match, the biggest tournament we have in tennis, not to have your coach there or your father who has been there throughout your whole life, is very difficult. I'm going to stand by my decision, I think the ATP did the wrong thing.

Q. He's here?
BERNARD TOMIC: Yeah, he's back at the house here in Wimbledon. Yeah, I still spend time with my dad. It's good. It's very good.

Q. What does having your dad courtside add to your game? What do you get from him being there?
BERNARD TOMIC: It's a difficult question because, you know, growing up with your father is a good thing for me because this is how I became, you know, good at tennis at a young age. I was there with my dad. We worked hard. We were on the court together.
Now all of a sudden there's a change. There's always a change in life, a decision that was made on behalf of what happened. Like I said, I'm going to blame the ATP a lot for this. You know, there's a lot of players out there who do not stand by the ATP's decision. They have a lot of bad decisions, a few good ones, but I'm saying this is a very bad one.

Q. Your next opponent is James Blake. Could you give us a little bit of a scouting report of what you expect?
BERNARD TOMIC: Yeah, he played well today from what I see. He is going to be very difficult to play. Doesn't serve as good as Sam. That's important on grass, you know, to return well. It's tough to play a guy that's serving well. So James, you know, is not serving as good as Sam, which it's a bit easier for me.
I've got to step up and be aggressive off my game. I'm sure I can win this match, too.

Q. After a tough year, a tough couple of months, what does this win today mean for you?
BERNARD TOMIC: It's big. I'm very happy I won. Wimbledon is the biggest tournament we have. For me it's my favorite one playing. You know, I enjoy playing a lot in Melbourne, but here is somewhere where I started to always look back, that this is where I did well.
So to win here, to beat a big seed like Sam, is a good feeling. You know, now I'm going to relax. Hopefully I can keep winning matches here.

Q. With your father, given that other tournaments have overlooked the ban, let him sit courtside, is there any chance you would write to Wimbledon, ask Wimbledon specifically to see if they can relax the ban a little?
BERNARD TOMIC: Yeah, for sure. You know, I'll try have a word with them. I know they're very strict here. We'll see what they say. It would be amazing to have my dad here watching me as a coach and a father, something that I want.
But Wimbledon are very strict. So I'll have a word with them. Who knows in the next few rounds.

Q. Who is in your corner now that he's not there? Who do you turn to with him absent?
BERNARD TOMIC: Well, I have a good team of people. I have my physical trainer who has worked with me the last month. Nice guy. Good time with me the last month. We're working well.
Also my good friend from Monaco, enjoys tennis. Good to see someone like that helping me. I got a good hitting partner. We're working well the last three, four weeks together. Results are showing. I'm starting to feel better on the court.

Q. With Australia struggling in cricket at the moment, how important is it for you to fly the flag for your country?
BERNARD TOMIC: It's very, very important. You know, I'm very happy also Lleyton won. It's good to see. I think we're the only Australians left. He has a good match to win. I also have a good match to win. Things are okay for us. We have to come out into our next matches, try our best. The more rounds we do, the better for us.

Q. I spoke to Sam about 10 minutes ago, and he's obviously a little bit unhappy with what happened in the fourth set. He said if you're feeling dizzy you should play through it. You shouldn't be allowed a 10‑minute injury timeout. What do you say in response to that?
BERNARD TOMIC: Well, you know, that's Sam's opinion. It's difficult. He has to put himself in my shoes if he was feeling bad. You want to do whatever you can to feel good, give yourself the best chance of winning.
At that time I was doing the best thing to make myself feel as good as I can on the court. If Sam says that, then that's his opinion. I know if he was in my position, he would feel the same.

Q. The dizziness, will you get that checked out by the doctor? What did the doctor say courtside?
BERNARD TOMIC: Well, she said that she doesn't know what it's from. I think personally it's from not eating a lot in the morning. I think I managed to eat just a little bit of breakfast. That wasn't enough to hold me till about 12:30 since I started. Then to play two big sets, lost a lot of energy. So I felt that could have been the cause.
But I really, at the end of the day, am not 100% sure.

Q. Were you not well this morning?
BERNARD TOMIC: It's just one of those days you wake up, you don't feel like eating a lot. I didn't eat what I usually eat. It's a lesson to be learnt. Even though I don't feel like eating, maybe I should just shove it down (laughter).

Q. I know you're not blaming Wimbledon, do you think the club have been prejudicial towards your father when nothing has been resolved?
BERNARD TOMIC: Yeah, it's a good question. I think, you know, they obviously are going on the ATP's decision. I know the ATP are talking to Wimbledon. They're basing their decision on not letting him come here 'cause of the ATP.
Now, it's all starting from the ATP, so I can't blame Wimbledon. I can have a talk to them and see in the next round or so if they can let my father come in.
But it's all the ATP's fault, I think. I'm going to keep blaming them. They know that I'm not on their side. You know, I'm taking my dad's side. But at the end of the day, I really think that you don't come to a decision across the telephone in 30 seconds on something like this. I think you meet with the person. You sit down. You say, This is what the decision is now. If the ATP are going to do that, then that's that.

Q. When did that conversation take place? When did you know that?
BERNARD TOMIC: Probably about maybe a week or so ago. You know, I think personally you resolve something face‑to‑face. You don't do it with a phone call. My dad said it was 30 seconds.
Now, on this guy, whoever his name is, I think it's Gayle, he's from the ATP, for him to make a decision like this across the telephone when he hasn't talked to my dad, he hasn't talked to Thomas, blah, blah, blah. He has to sit down with both people. He has to talk. It's the ATP, they have to protect me.
He's my coach. My dad is my coach. He's not somebody that's just like a friend. It's very difficult.

Q. Did this happen before Queen's or after Queen's?
BERNARD TOMIC: No, it was last week, after Eastbourne when I played.

Q. Who are you going to try to talk to?
BERNARD TOMIC: I'll try to talk to whoever I can here at Wimbledon. But, you know, like I said, Wimbledon's made their decision on behalf of the ATP. So at the end of the day, it's the ATP I've got to be talking to. They're not really going to do anything.
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Re: Bernard's Articles and News

'I don't know how he fell'
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Re: Bernard's Articles and News

An interview with: BERNARD TOMIC
Monday, August 26, 2013

Q. Hard slog. How proud are you of the fight, just pushing through the way you did?

BERNARD TOMIC: Yeah, felt very good to come back from that match. I think he should have got the better of me, but I found something in the end to turn it around. You know, it was a very, very difficult fourth set because I had a lot of break point chances and he was coming up with some good shots in there. I started to get a little bit frustrated with myself. I think on the 8th or 9th one I managed to get it, and very happy I got that point. Afterward I felt confident and played very well in the tiebreak.

Q. Is it more sort of fighting away than necessarily playing great tennis today?

BERNARD TOMIC: Yeah. Today was all about finding a way to get out of that. Sometimes you don't need to play really well to win, you just need to do the right thing, whether it's being aggressive or being defensive. I managed to come up with that at one point. I think he had a lot of chances to hold on that 4 3 game in the fourth, but I somehow dug deep and found that little point that made me win that game and gave me huge confidence. From then, you know, I felt very good on the court. I was very, very happy with myself to win this match, because it was a very difficult one.

Q. I think you have played six five setters at the slams and won five of them. Can you tell us what you enjoy about that?

BERNARD TOMIC: I didn't know the record was like that, but, yeah, I don't know. Grand Slams you always want to play your best. You know, obviously gave myself the best chance. I dug deep today. I like playing the Grand Slams. It's one of the favorite places for me to play in these big tournaments, and it gets the best out of me. I think, you know, whether you're down, whether you're up, you always want to give your best. Today I managed to turn it around. I dug deep and gave myself a chance, you know, as opposed to, you know, quitting. You don't get anywhere. I gave myself a good chance. I'm very, very happy with myself and the way I played today.

Q. Is it important to do well away from Australia and Wimbledon, too? You have had two good slams and two not so good. Is that extra sort of incentive?

BERNARD TOMIC: Yeah, it is. New York is a very different place. I look back to here when I won the juniors and it gives me some confidence. But, you know, I have done three second rounds now here. Who knows? Potentially I can do better this year. I've got to stay focused. My next opponent played very well to beat Nishikori. I like New York, but I have to focus. You can play good anywhere, it's just a matter of you and committing and playing the best as you can play.

Q. What do you like about New York?

BERNARD TOMIC: You know, it's a bit different. Similar in a way to the Australian Open, but different on its side. It's a very, very busy city. I feel like I'm always on the run and it's just everything is just so busy. You come back to the hotel and walk out on the street and it's busy. It's different from Melbourne. Similar on the one hand and very different in the other. I think Melbourne is quiet and laid back and gives you time to relax as opposed to here. You finish a match and everything is just still it's going. The next day you've get out of the hotel, gotta go practice, takes 30 minutes. Cars are flying everywhere. It's very busy, but you've got to find yourself the level of concentration for each tournament, I think. You know, I like playing New York. It's just a matter of me now committing and playing better in the next round, I think.

Q. Nishikori said he knew absolutely nothing about Dan. You saw the result, but what do you know about Dan? He's has a colorful career, seems like.

BERNARD TOMIC: Yeah, I was very surprised to see that on the score when I was playing. I saw he won 4, 4, 2, and that was a very big surprise. I was very surprised because I practiced with Kei early on in Bradenton and he was playing very, very good in practice. I thought Kei was going to win that match. It shows you how anyone can play, and all these players that are playing here, they're good. You can't take anyone for granted these days, because it proves that a guy that's 150 can play on this day and beat a guy almost top 10. You have got to go out there and play the best that you can play, you know, play against your opponent as best as you can. You know, you don't know what's going to happen. Someone can twist an ankle. Someone can be sick of these top players. But for him to win against Kei was huge. I'm sure if he's playing against Kei way against me it's going to be very difficult for me, that's for sure.

Q. Have you noticed him practicing?

BERNARD TOMIC: Haven't seen much of him at all. I know he played well on grass. That's about it. That's all I know.

Q. (Question regarding scouting Evans' practice.)

BERNARD TOMIC: Obviously my hitting partner, he's from the UK and he's hit with him a few times, so that's a good thing. But he can play well obviously, like he did today, so I've got to come out being ready and, you know, play aggressive and play my tennis to win this match.

Q. You talk about it being very important to keep your focus here and New York being a hard place for that. How has the personal situation with the uncertainty every tournament regarding your dad played into that?

BERNARD TOMIC: Oh, I think--you know, I'm managing now. It's still difficult, but, you know, what can I do? I'm trying to, you know, play as best as I can play. The main thing now for me is just to keep improving. Every day I want to improve. I want to get better. That's where my mindset is at. I'm not looking where my dad is. Of course my dad is still on my side with me and that's an important thing, but, you know, I'm trying to find myself deep down inside and become the best player I can be. Each day is a new steppingstone for later in my career. I approach days differently now, so it's good.

Q. Who is in your box now?

BERNARD TOMIC: I have my fitness coach; worked with me the last few months. I've got my hitting partner as well from the UK who is doing a very good job. We're training well. I have a few other people. That's about it.

Q. Who is your hitting partner at the moment?

BERNARD TOMIC: His name is David. He's from the UK.

Q. So do you hope this will be a bit of a turning point? Not much success since Wimbledon. Rough patch for you. Winning like this, do you think it can turn things around for the rest of the year?

BERNARD TOMIC: I like having these sort of matches at the start of a Grand Slam. Takes the pressure off. Now the pressure is off me, you know, and playing a guy who, you know, I can beat. I have to come out playing well. And if I do that, you know, I can, I'm looking pretty good. I've got to stay focused and concentrate. Every match is difficult here. That's for sure. Everyone can play. But I think--I was going to say I definitely think that --I lost. I'm lost.

Q. You lost your focus.


Q. Evans is coming off a good run. He beat Nieminen. Have you registered at all what he's been doing? There are an awful lot of guys playing like that.

BERNARD TOMIC: Well, Everyone can play. Hit with guys 300 in the world they hit the ball as well as a guy top 30. It's surprising how players can play. It's just a matter of--the match is very different. Obviously he must have played very well to beat Kei. He's had very good results on grass. I think he likes grass over all the surfaces. I don't know too much about him. I watched him a lot, but obviously I need to, because he beat a very good player today.

Q. Given all the controversy about Andy Roddick's match last year, do you feel like you proved a point today in this gutsy performance?

BERNARD TOMIC: Definitely. To turn any match around like this where I think I was probably one or two points away from being out of the tournament, being able to turn that around and find something inside you to win this match was very, very good for me, and, you know, I take that as confidence into my next round. You know, I'm going to approach it with a lot of confidence. That's the important thing.
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Re: Bernard's Articles and News

aussie media trying to kill bernard again for something he didnt make...


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Henkka Kontinen
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Re: Bernard's Articles and News

Hopefully the poster on here who had previously defended John Tomic will think twice after reading this report from Thomas Drouet about the way he was treated. John Tomic sounds like a complete nutter. Bernard doesn't come out of it looking too great either so the sooner he breaks with his father, the better.

EXCLUSIVE: Bernard Tomic's former training partner Thomas Drouet has revealed what life was really like under John Tomic in this diary extract.

November 2012

A 27-hour trip and I am feeling really jet-lagged. I barely arrive and there is a fit of anger from John because Bernard is playing on his PlayStation.

We are here at the Gold Coast. The Tomics' house is beautiful and seems to be made up of two parts, one part for Bernard and one for John. There's an indoor swimming pool, a BMW X6M in the driveway. It's all really nice.

For the first two weeks there's minimum three to four hours training a day. John has multiple fits of anger during training. Bernard and John are always yelling. I am just very busy playing tennis, preparing drinks and muscle building, but the physical trainer from Barcelona, Salvador Sosa, arrives. He is very well known and respected on the circuit. This is a good team.

Almost immediately John abuses Salva on court because he dares to lean up against a wall. He makes him run after all the balls. Salva is in his early 60s but does as he is told.

Bernard, too, tells me to run or stay home. If I win a point, he then plays 10 drop shots and if I don't run each time there's drama. The pressure is constant.

PAY CUT CHRISTMAS with the Tomics.

I miss my family, but I'm happy on the tour. Then John tells me there is to be a salary change. It's Christmas, but he tells me he is dropping my wage from Euro1200 (about $A1720) a week to Euro1000. My food is also supposed to be paid for, but I have to pay for it myself.

"I pay you too much," John says. "If you don't want, you can go home".

I quit my job at the Monte Carlo Country Club as manager for the competition group and I can't go back. I don't know why this has happened. But John has more news. He tells me he won't pay me a wage for Christmas Day because we did not train. Salva and I tell him that's not the point, that we are here in Australia away from home and a salary is for each day we are away.

Bernard tells him to pay, maybe he will or won't, but I'm starting to think probably not.

I know now that I have made a mistake when I told John how I quit everything to be here. Now I sense John knows he has me, as I have nothing else to go to. But I have an ex-wife and a child and house to pay and I have to work.

I will keep going. It's still early days. It will get better.

One day after seven hours on court, John blows a fuse.

John asks me to play a set with Bernard. He tells me to play as hard as I can and to bug him as much as I can. He tells me that if I win more than three games in the set, he (Bernard) will run back home.

Caught up between my fear of John and my compassion for Bernard, I play the best I can for fear of retaliation and win the set. Bernard is furious with me, breaks a racquet and the father orders him to run home ... great atmosphere.


Exhibition tournament in Perth Arena and we are alone with Bernard; he wins his three games. John isn't there and it is a good atmosphere, good work.

Bernard beats Novak Djokovic 6-4 6-4 in their Hopman Cup clash. Fantastic. It's just about tennis and not all the other stuff I have seen.

Bernard's regime is strict, whether it is eating or drinking. For preparation of the drinks, I must have 2 litres of specific mixes: in 50cl, 1.5 spoonfuls of XTEN, 2 spoonfuls of Endura, give Bernard two pills 45 minutes before the match, three big white pills 15 minutes before the match, during the warm up of a match, at the beginning (of a match) a blue sachet, then in the middle (of the match) an orange one. If the powder dosage is not exactly respected and the bottles not taken out at the last minute I get yelled down

I must put Bernard's racquets in a cold room before the match and pull them out at the last minute. They are breaking racquets all the time. If John doesn't like a racquet he just breaks it.


Bernard wins his first ATP Tour title.

We all celebrate. Tomic wins, brilliant. There is a great feeling, everybody on a high and happy.

We are still in the tennis centre in the evening when John walks in and shows us the prize money paper. We think initially he is showing us as part of the celebration. Like, "Look at this prize money - yay!"

But no. "You see how much taxes I pay?" he says. "I give you too much money, I will pay you less". Our spirits drop.

Unbelievable. He leaves us deflated.

tennis tournament

Australia's Bernard Tomic kisses the court after his win over Kevin Anderson of South Africa in their men's final match at the Sydney International tennis tournament in Sydney, Australia, Saturday, Jan. 12, 2013. Tomic won the match 6-3, 6-7, 6-3. Picture: AP Source: AP


The Australian Open and my girlfriend Sophie (Lombard) comes over and I have to lie and leave my hotel room in the evening at 11pm to meet her at her hotel and then get up before 6am to make sure I give Bernard his fresh orange juice in his room every morning.

I knock, he tells me to "f**k off", but I have to say, "Can you drink this and take your energy pills, please Bernard". As much tension in the team as ever.

John is like jealous or something.

If I can slip out to see Sophie, I go like a spy to her hotel looking left and right to make sure John doesn't see me. How weird. Sometimes I can't go because we are still working. Tension, tension, always tension.

Every day, it's a new crazy scene.

Bernard is horrible during the training before the match against (Roger) Federer. He tells me to run, to play right, play left, treats me like a dog.

Maybe it's the pressure.

I remember back on the Gold Coast, in the evening Salva and I would stick together, drinking a beer on the terrace, the only moment of calmness for both of us.

One evening, I remember we are chatting and we see Bernard coming down around 11pm. He tells us, "What the hell are you doing here, go to bed".

Then later on, Bernard tells us that he often escapes at night to go see his friends. We then understand why it takes 30 minutes to get him out of bed every morning.

Off court, Bernard runs into trouble with his Ferrari and the police; went out to night clubs every weekend.


THE Tomics arrive in Monaco and I must pick them up at Nice airport at my own expense.

Bernard, meanwhile, had partied like crazy after the Australian tournament season and when he comes back he has lost 2-3kg of muscles.

Salva and I see him, and "Oh my god, who is this?"

Bernard doesn't want to do anything now. Salva fights to get him to do sprints. I watch as they go to this long track near the courts. Bernard runs like he is at a marathon, just a slow jog. Mr 50 per cent. He is like a zombie.

It is now five days before the Marseille and Rotterdam tournaments. He has worked only for five days training, not enough.

Four months in and I am very stressed. I never know how John will behave from one day to the next. Every day you never know how he is going to react to something or how he is going to behave, maybe nice, maybe not. Always it's stress, every day stress.


IT'S cold, it's snowing and Bernard loses in the first round against Grigor Dimitrov.

He is playing only 50 per cent because he is tired and didn't do anything after the Australian Open.

That night I go to John's room ... Salva, me and John - and John starts to cry.

He has tears, he genuinely is upset.

"Bernard doesn't want me anymore, it's finished I might as well go home," he says. Salva and I console him ... inside, though, we want him to go home and we want Bernard to say this.

Every day, we think today is the day maybe Bernard tells him to go home.

We can't say that, but we wish it. We know the problem is John, but, as Salva says, if you do one mistake it will be to try to separate them. "Coming between them, you are dead, let Bernard do it for himself," he tells me.


JOHN blows a fuse because I don't go upstairs to fetch the suitcases and he threatens to leave me back in Monaco and to exclude me from the team.

Bernard comes down and says, "Everybody shut up".

He asks why I am out (of the team) and can't believe it is because I didn't carry John's bags.

If it isn't me, John attacks Salva.

second match

But then suddenly it's like he forgets that. He then starts to tell Salva that whoever gets to Marseille before 7pm first, the other pays for dinner. Salva uses it as a joke to lighten the mood. John just makes for the car and starts to drive crazy. I don't know, 160km/h maybe. Really, really fast. He really wants to win.

We head for our rooms and John tells us to be back downstairs in 20 minutes to eat. John takes two whiskies and a main and dessert, then asks for the bill which is Euro150. He hands it to Salva and says "you lost the bet, so you pay". We know he doesn't have the money. I feel so bad, so when we are back in the room I give him 20 euro for what I ate, and Bernard, too, gives him 15-20 euro. Bernard didn't feel good either.

Early morning training and Bernard breaks a racquet because John is insulting him. It's all back to normal.

John takes me apart because he saw me at breakfast with Jo-Wilfried Tsonga. He says, "Who pays you, Tsonga or me?"

Then he just disappears. I don't know what happened to John, but the day before Tsonga and after the match against Somdev Devvarman, John says we practice. Bernard does not want to listen to him.

John screams at me. "You don't play with him then, Thomas."

Bernard tells me to play.

I am standing there with a racquet and ball in hand and I don't know what to do. Bernard was telling me aggressively, "You play now". John is yelling at me, "No you don't play".

Then they yell at each other and Bernard starts whacking his racquet ... bam, bam, bam bam ... over and over on the court.


WE depart for Indian Wells and I am in charge of the logistics.

We arrive in New York, Bernard doesn't have the right visa, he talks down to the customs officers and is taken to the station for four hours. We miss our connecting flight.

Eventually he comes out and I negotiate with the girl at the desk, who puts us on the flight to Phoenix the next day.

Bernard tells us that we can sleep at the airport, that he has booked a hotel in New York and he is going to have a party with his mates.

Salva and I are stupefied as we are left to sleep on a chair all night. I take a photo. It's incredible.


JOHN buys a BB gun at a supermarket because he says he wants to go hunting. I laugh and say, "Okay, let's buy it". We go fishing, there is a big lake here and after practice we relax and fish then we just shoot dirt.

Then we come back home and Bernard says, "Who is the biggest man now, we are going to shoot each other". He says it as a joke.

John says I will do it, and he just pulls the gun and shoots him. He bleeds in his legs.

Then Bernard says, "Now you do it ... you do it or you are not a man." So John does it.

Then they shoot on Salva, too. Now they say to me it's my turn ... but I go to my room first and put four or five pairs of shorts on and then they shoot me, too, but I don't really feel it.

We make a video of it and it seems funny at the time. It's fun crazy.


BERNARD is supposed to train with Kei Nishikori but turns it into a scandal. He doesn't want to play with him, so he tanks it. They are doing this practice to find their rhythm, but Bernard just whacks it back, and he loses 6-1 in 10 minutes. Nishikori is really pissed off.

His coach tells me after we will never want to play with him again. Bernard doesn't like to practice with other tournament players.

Key Biscayne

Bernard Tomic of Australia plays a backhand against Andy Murray of Great Britain during their second round match at the Sony Open at Crandon Park Tennis Center on March 23, 2013 in Key Biscayne, Florida. Picture: Getty Source: AFP

Bernard is up against Andy Murray. It should have been a good game. Bernard starts well, but then misses the 40-15 break and after that he just lets go of the match.

I think 80 per cent of his defeats are either by abandonment (he gives up) or by injury, although his nickname is tank machine.

That's what people call him behind his back after John McEnroe said he tanked it against Andy Roddick during the 2012 US Open. Everybody jokes about him as "the tank".

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Re: Bernard's Articles and News

I don't think any of it comes as a surprise, if true. I'm not sure how I feel about Drouet continuing to talk about what happened, especially now that the case is over.

Sadly, I don't see Bernard ever breaking away from his father - personally or professionally.
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Re: Bernard's Articles and News

A few things in that article are disappointing in terms of how Bernie handled the situation, but more concerning is the lack of determination. Hopefully that's just something related to this issues due to his Dad, which is understandable but does leave a lot to wonder as to how much enjoyment he really does get from the sport. Regardless, I do hope Mr Tomic is permanently banned from tournaments, hopefully that will force Bernie to find a new coach and really be forced to get away from the situation. Also maybe a new coach can work on his service motion too

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Re: Bernard's Articles and News

You can see that Bernie goes out partying because he want's some relief from his father.

A very sad situation.
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Re: Bernard's Articles and News

It's not an encouraging sign that his dad still acts as "coach" even though he can't attend tournaments.

And I don't foresee Bernard's off court behavior improving because of his dad's continued presence and the fact that Bernard hangs around enablers who encourage such actions that are detrimental to his tennis. It's going to continue as long as these people/things offer him an escape...
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Re: Bernard's Articles and News

Originally Posted by Givenchy View Post
I don't think any of it comes as a surprise, if true. I'm not sure how I feel about Drouet continuing to talk about what happened, especially now that the case is over.

Sadly, I don't see Bernard ever breaking away from his father - personally or professionally.
agree so much. i dont think bernard will split with his dad, at least in the following years


Jaume Pla Malfeito/Bernard the aTomic /Thanasi Kokkinakis/Attila Balazs

John Millman /Marcus Willis/Taro Daniel-Alex de Miñaur-Josh Milton

Henkka Kontinen
-Nick Kyrgios-Pierre Hugues Herbert-Lucas Pouille-Javier Martí-Evan Hoyt-Brydan Klein-Chris Rungkat-Andres Artuñedo-Hugo Nys-Pol Toledo
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Re: Bernard's Articles and News

im sure aussie media will try to kill bernard again for this, even after davis cup´s success. well, its a very strong and a bomb of article, that´s true. i just hope this doesnt make bernard feel worse, on and off the court


Jaume Pla Malfeito/Bernard the aTomic /Thanasi Kokkinakis/Attila Balazs

John Millman /Marcus Willis/Taro Daniel-Alex de Miñaur-Josh Milton

Henkka Kontinen
-Nick Kyrgios-Pierre Hugues Herbert-Lucas Pouille-Javier Martí-Evan Hoyt-Brydan Klein-Chris Rungkat-Andres Artuñedo-Hugo Nys-Pol Toledo
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Re: Bernard's Articles and News

The article is not too pretty for Bernie's attitude and how he treats a fellow human being. He has a little remorse and feeling but still acts like a jerk at other times towards his staff, picking up the bad habits of his father. I hope Bernie continues to mature, as he has shown a little of in this past year.

The Aussie press are already jumping on this story, putting it ahead of the Davis Cup news on the morning news on TV. Here we go again...
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