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Re: Bernard's Articles and News

Hewitt in Tomic's corner

Lleyton Hewitt has backed fellow Australian Bernard Tomic to recover from an underwhelming 12 months on and off the court.

Tomic, who enjoyed a breakout campaign in 2011, has come under fire following a season of poor form, allegations of tanking and a series of altercations with police.

The 20-year-old's world ranking dropped from a high of 27 to 51, while he was accused by John McEnroe of not trying in his second-round loss to home favourite Andy Roddick at the US Open.

Tomic was cleared of any wrongdoing at Flushing Meadows, but generated further headlines on the Gold Coast, where he was found guilty of failing to stop for police and three lesser driving charges.

'He's had an average year on and off the court,' Hewitt said.

'It's been tough for him mentally more than anything. He probably was a little bit burnt out by the end.

'It doesn't surprise me that he didn't jump into the top 10 this year because sometimes that second year is tougher than your first year.

'He's got to get back out there and do the hard yards and work on small areas in his game to become a better player.'

Hewitt, who has acted as a mentor in recent months, said he was unsure whether Tomic should bow to pressure and part ways with his father and coach John.

'Obviously his dad has done so much for him and he probably trusts his dad more than anyone else out there,' he added.

'It's what's better for him. He's got myself, (Tony) Roche, Pat (Rafter), Josh Eagle - plenty of guys to talk to who are around and probably know him as well as anyone at the moment.

'There are small areas of his game that he's got to work on. I'm not going to go into them here, but I've spoken about small things with him.

'I hung out with him a lot, especially at the Olympics and the Davis Cup ties and he knows a couple of areas of his game that I think that he can work on and improve.

'I think I can definitely help him in certain areas of his game to try and get back up there and take the next step.'

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Re: Bernard's Articles and News

Another former player voicing their opinion on Bernard...

Tomic needs an overhaul, says Newcombe

Published: November 21, 2012 - 2:08PM

Tennis great John Newcombe believes Bernard Tomic requires an extreme makeover to have any hope of reviving his flagging career.

Newcombe says the 20-year-old needs to get supremely fit, revamp his predictable game and lose the attitude to realise his potential.

"Bernie's out in the real world now and I don't think he's come to that conclusion," Newcombe said on Wednesday.

"He might have to hit rock bottom first and fall out of the top 100. That can easily happen."

If he continues his run of outs during the Australian summer, after reaching the Brisbane International semi-finals and last 16 at Melbourne Park this year, Tomic will in fact be at risk of slipping from the top 100 as early as January.

Such a dreaded scenario would leave the dual junior grand slam champion having to qualify for premier events and Newcombe suspects Tomic may struggle against the hungrier pros desperate to earn a living.

"They're trained killers out there," said the seven-times grand slam champion and former world No.1.

"I think Bernie thinks it's just going to happen and it's not."

While others are advocating a change of coach from his father John, Newcombe believes Tomic's troubles run deeper than that.

"Unless he's prepared to devote 100 per cent of time and effort to becoming as good as he could become, it doesn't matter who his coach is. It's going to fall apart," he said.

"The answer to Bernard is Bernard.

"Until Bernie makes a decision on what he's willing to do and draws a line in the sand and knuckles down, he's not going to fulfil his full potential.

"I'm not sure also if he realises that his game has become predictable.

"He had a different type of game that worked when he came on to the scene and guys had trouble dealing with it.

"Now they've figured out what he can and what he can't do. They're probing that and it's making Bernie very uncomfortable in his matches, not realising a way out of that."

Tomic has dipped from a career-high No.27 in the world to 52nd in the rankings and Newcombe doubts he'll crack the top 20 with his current playing style.

"He can change that but to play another type of game, he's got to get his fitness up another 30 per cent," Newcombe said.

"Then he can start developing a more powerful game.

"He can volley well; he should be spending more time at the net.

"But if you're not 100 per cent fit, that's hard to do. And if your mobility is not great, that's hard to do.

"If I was giving him advice, I'd say go and find the best physical trainer in the world and go and spend three months getting yourself really fit."

The former Australian Davis Cup captain said Mark Philippoussis, who, like Tomic, stands 196cm tall, had similar problems.

"The answer for Mark was to get 100 percent fit," Newk said.

"When he got himself fit, look what he did. Davis Cup in France, he killed them. Then he made the Wimbledon final when he was 100 percent fit.

"Then he'd slacken off and, a big guy like that, if he's not 100 percent fit, he can't move properly so he can't play.

"And Bernie's not going to beat these guys with the game he's playing.

"He's got to work harder physically than the smaller guys to get that big frame around the court."
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Re: Bernard's Articles and News

New comments from Craig Tiley:

Troubled Tomic urged to heed Hewitt’s advice
30 Nov 2012 Herald Sun Leo Schlink
WALLOWING Bernard Tomic has been urged to tap into Lleyton Hewitt’s expertise as the youngster struggles to reverse a depressing form slump.

Tomic, 20, slipped from a career-high ranking of 27 in June to 52 in a season blighted by 12 openinground losses and 10 secondround failures.

Apart from admitting to a sub-standard workrate, the Wimbledon quarter-finalist has also been distracted by several off-court issues.

Tomic’s future is a hot topic at Tennis Australia before the summer circuit starts, as discussions continue over the baseliner’s coaching situation.

TA director Craig Tiley said Tomic and his father — and coach — John were unhappy with many facets of his record of 26 wins from 53 matches this year.

Tiley said Tomic had been encouraged to forge a closer relationship with grand slam winners Hewitt, Pat Rafter and Tony Roche as well as Josh Eagle and Todd Woodbridge.

‘‘Bernard can take some great advice from Pat Rafter, Todd Woodbridge, Josh Eagle, Tony Roche — there’s four people that are part of the Davis Cup team,’’ Tiley said.

‘‘I’d be listening to everything Lleyton tells me, as well. There wouldn’t be a better adviser out there on understanding of what it takes out on the tour.’’

Tiley said much of any potential mentoring would be meaningless unless Tomic was prepared to react.

‘‘Bernard is hearing it. Listening to it is another story and I think the time will come when that will happen,’’ Tiley said.

‘‘We’ve got to find a way for Bernard to wake up one morning and make the commitment to become a great tennis player.’’
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Re: Bernard's Articles and News

Davis Cup ban turns up the heat on Tomic

Read more:

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Re: Bernard's Articles and News

Lleyton Hewitt plays mentor after Bernard Tomic fallout

PRIVATE talks with wayward prodigy Bernard Tomic have led Lleyton Hewitt to declare the maligned talent still has a future in tennis.

Hewitt claims Tomic has the potential to cement a top-10 ranking despite the 20-year-old's surprise Davis Cup axing last week.
Disappointed with Tomic's attitude, Davis Cup captain Pat Rafter dumped him for the February tie against Chinese Taipei in Taiwan.
Hewitt said he agreed with Rafter's decision, believing Tomic needs to learn the hard way. He then revealed he has become part of the troubled star's support network.

"I help Bernie out a lot," the former world No.1 said.

"I'm not going to come out and say the things he needs to work on, but between he and I, we've spoken about things.

"I think he feels that he can talk to me, which is a good thing. I can definitely help him in certain areas of his game, for him to make that next stance and try to get back in the top 30 in the world, potentially the top 20 and maybe the top 10."

When asked if he agreed with Rafter's decision to axe Tomic due to his behaviour, Hewitt said: "Pat Rafter has obviously made a stance where you have to live up to his expectations to be part of the Australian David Cup team.

"Obviously Bernie has done a few things that haven't agreed with Pat, especially over the past 12 months or so, and he's going to have to pay a price for that.

"Pat's come in a made some tough decisions, but Pat's heart is in the right place in terms of getting Australian tennis where it belongs.
"And I'm along the same lines as Pat in terms of we belong back in the world group, and that's what our goal is."

Other greats, including Grand Slam winners Sam Stosur and Andre Agassi, questioned Tomic's dedication to the sport, urging the young gun to "knuckle down".

Hewitt said Tomic's performance in his next tournament would depend on how he bounced back from Davis Cup rejection.
"He's obviously done some things during this time, and this is going to be another learning experience," Hewitt said. "There's no doubt he has exceptional talent, but he has to use it in the right way."

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Re: Bernard's Articles and News


1. Stephanie Rice

2. Sally Pearson

3. Bernard Tomic

4. Lleyton Hewitt

5. James Magnussen

6. Cadel Evans

7. Lauren Jackson

8. Leisel Jones

9. Anna Meares

10. Liz Cambage

BRW top 50 sports earners

26. Bernard Tomic (Tennis): $2 million
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Re: Bernard's Articles and News

Bernard Tomic could now lose his license

20 year old Australian Bernard Tomic has already lost his spot in the Davis Cup squad.

Now, the Australian coudl also lose his driving license after several traffic misdemeanours over the past year.

Accodring to the Gold Coast Australian paper, Tomic has nine demerit points but since Tomicd contested the fines, the points were not processed until the court action was finalised months later.

This allowed Tomic to continue to have his license since the fines and demerits were not processes. But now, transpost officials in Queensland are reveiwing his case and he is expected to lose his license for some time atleast.

Tomic would either face a three-month suspension, or could also be put on a good-driving bond for 12 months.

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Re: Bernard's Articles and News

Perth tennis ace Casey Dellacqua out of Hopman Cup with foot injury

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Re: Bernard's Articles and News
'I've learnt my lessons' says Bernard Tomic
December 29, 2012 12:00AM

BERNARD Tomic's New Year's resolution is to make headlines for his tennis and not his off-court activities.

The 20-year-old kicks off Australia's Hopman Cup campaign today with partner Ashleigh Barty against Germany, but he intends to push himself to the limit to get his world ranking "where it really should be".

"In 2013 I would hope to reach the top 10 by the end of the year," he said in Perth yesterday. "I'm sure if I do the right things and commit like I've agreed to myself, I'll do quite well.

"But I've got to focus. It's tough - you're going to lose some matches. But as long as I keep my head down and work the way I've been working the last two months, then I'll get results."

Tomic had a forgettable 2012 season in some respects. He ended it with three first-round losses, after bombing out of the London Olympics and Wimbledon in the first round.

He had to appear in court on driving charges and then had the police involved again when he and a mate were playing too roughly in a hotel spa following his 20th birthday celebrations.

He was accused of "tanking" by John McEnroe in the US Open and then thrown off the Davis Cup team by Pat Rafter.

"The new year, it's a few days away now. I'm not looking back any more, looking forward and focusing on 2013 and, you know, getting my ranking up to where it really should be."

He is one of three Australians inside the top 100 on the world ATP list: Marinko Matosevic (49), Tomic (52), and Lleyton Hewitt (83). But in June Tomic reached a career-high ranking of 27. That ranking was justified by the fact he reached the Wimbledon quarter-finals just 12 months earlier.

However, the cracks began to appear and Tomic admitted it. "This year was a learning year - it was one of my biggest learning years so far - and it wasn't the underdog feeling I had in 2011, when I did well at Wimbledon.

"It was a different feeling, you know. It was a bit of tournaments to defend and I got used to the pressure, but I didn't handle it quite well.

"I feel I've learned a lot this year and it will help me a lot for the start of 2013.

"You've got to focus and you've got to learn to focus more when you mature and I think I've done that. I've practised a lot on my mind and my patience the last eight weeks and I think I'm hitting the ball better than ever, so we will see how the next three weeks go and it will be good to start fresh and have a good year."

He is starting the new season in Perth - a first for him. "I felt I wanted to make a change. The last three years I spent playing in Brisbane and got a bit used to that. I felt coming here would be good, (it) would be better preparation to play against more top players and have more matches."

Tomic actually had four quality matches in Brisbane last January, losing to eventual champion Andy Murray in the semis.

But he wants more top-end tournament results, particularly at the slams, where the Australian Open has been a good feeding ground for him. He reached the fourth round last time, the third the year before.

"I'm looking to do what I did in Wimbledon and even better, and I think my body is now at a strong level and I think I've worked a lot on my fitness the last few months," he said.

"That's helped me a lot because I didn't have time to work on my fitness and my game throughout the year so I feel like 2013 is going to be a good year for me.

"I expect a lot from myself and I'm sure I can do it."

He feels his off-court dramas are behind him.

"It's just a matter of me committing. It's going to be difficult and I'll lose some matches, but I'll keep pushing forward and focusing on what goals I think I can do."

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Re: Bernard's Articles and News

Story about his apparent new GF:

and this tweet:

Barry Flatman ‏@Barry_FlatmanST
Bernard Tomic & father John hold initial talks with Britain's Miles Maclagan about coaching gig. But apparently things went no further
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Re: Bernard's Articles and News

January 6, 2013

Bernard Tomic


THE MODERATOR: Questions, please.

Q. How do you feel coming into Sydney after a great Hopman Cup for you?

BERNARD TOMIC: Yeah, really good, really confident. I'm just really happy with myself the last week. Couldn't be more happy, I should say.
Now it's a new tournament, and hopefully I can do well and bring my form into this tournament here and go deep in this tournament.

Q. (Question regarding facing Marinko first round.)

BERNARD TOMIC: Yeah, I mean, it's always strange, and when you play an Australian it's always difficult. I know Marinko well, so it's going to be a little bit strange.
But it's tennis. You know, I've got to go out there and compete and try to win.
That's what I'm going to do.

Q. You already played three solid games in Perth. What are you looking to do in Sydney?

BERNARD TOMIC: I'm looking to do as best I can here and win it if I can. I think my approach last year to tournaments was a bit different.
Now I'm ready to win every tournament I play in and give myself the best opportunity to do as best as I can. I believe I can now, so I'm prepared to play well here. Hopefully I can.
We'll start on Tuesday and see we'll how it goes.

Q. (Indiscernible.)

BERNARD TOMIC: I mean, take two months away from tournaments and you really get to learn what you really want. You know, you're spending two, three weeks off then having a little bit of a break and coming back and training for about eight, nine weeks was huge for me.
I had no time to train last year. I kept playing tournament after tournament. I improved so much the past two months, and the results are really showing.
I'm happy with myself. I've got to keep my head up and play well here and in Melbourne next week, the week after.

Q. Is there a little bit extra pressure when you come here? Hopman Cup is an exhibition and obviously it's a good arena and there were lots of people. But now you're at an ATP event and there are rankings points at stake.

BERNARD TOMIC: You know, everyone always asked me if I have pressure. Especially in Australia, I tend to feel like I always do have more pressure, but I play well for some reason. Every since I was 15 or 16, that's when I started always playing well here. I love playing in Australia. It's the best place for me to play and I always do well.
It's time now to take it also away after when I leave and play well there. I feel now I can play well here in Sydney and give myself the best shot of doing the best I can in this tournament.
I'm ready to go. My confidence is there, and hopefully I can do well.

Q. (Question regarding what he's changed to get his current results.)

BERNARD TOMIC: Yeah, the biggest problems I had last year is I had no time to rest or train. I played a whole bunch of tournaments in a row. Tournaments didn't feel like tournaments to me at a stage because I was just playing. I didn't know what I was playing. I didn't have time to train or prepare.
I think from now I've decided to not play more than three tournaments in a row and have two weeks off after sort of each period. That's when I'm going to give myself the best chance, is when I'm fit and prepared to play each tournament and give 100%.

Q. (Indiscernible.)

BERNARD TOMIC: Yeah, it does, and that's what I need. I think for me, once I play more than four, five tournaments, I get tired. I stop focusing. That's really what I set down to do this year: just focus on the few tournaments that I play in and commit and do well, and then train and rest after and get ready for the other bunch of tournaments after that.

Q. Couple of the top seeds have dropped out this week. Does that open up som opportunities?

BERNARD TOMIC: Yeah, absolutely. Obviously Jo and Gasquet are not playing. They're very solid players and good players, so there is opportunity for whoever is going to take it I think.
But there are obviously a lot of good players here and everyone can play tennis these days. Every match is important. You don't have to beat the whole draw. You have to beat just five, six players to win the tournament. See how it goes this week.

Q. Will you give yourself a really good chance?

BERNARD TOMIC: Yeah, you know, I do. Anyone can beat anyone on their day. I don't know how I'm going to play on Tuesday. Hopefully with the form I'm playing I'm going to play well, and I believe I'm fit and confident and I can play well and win.
You know, we'll see how it goes on Tuesday. Just looking forward to that match. You know, I want to win.

Q. (Question regarding pressure.)

BERNARD TOMIC: Yeah, I think that's when I play my best tennis is when I am under a bit the pressure. I love it. It's a very different feeling.
I sort of experienced it in a different way last year in Wimbledon and I wasn't quite ready and I reacted differently.
But I love nothing more than playing in Australia. It is honestly the best place for me to play in the world, and that's why I've done so well here the past years.
The pressure is always there. It's how you handle it.

Q. (Question regarding Ashleigh Barty in Perth.) Do you get the sense there is a rising generation coming now to replace Lleyton?

BERNARD TOMIC: Yeah, I think Lleyton has done huge for tennis in Australia over the last decade. What a champion he's been.
Ashleigh, got to know her quite well the last week. She's a great talent, great little player, and I know she's going to be really good.
Johnny obviously played well on Brisbane and was really close to beating Andy, but he's improving. I think he struggled the last six months, but he's got back to playing well. Hopefully he can come up and start playing well.
And obviously now Marinko is up there playing good; Matthew Ebden is as well. We've got a strong team now as opposed to a year ago, and before that I think it was just me that was inside the top 100.

Q. (Indiscernible.)

BERNARD TOMIC: It wasn't that I fell out of love, I it was just got that drained and really couldn't put in 100%. Now everything I do now is more than 100% and I'm committing to everything, and that's why I'm playing the tennis I've been playing the past week. I hope I can continue, and I'm sure it will, over the next couple weeks.
I can't wait this whole year to see how I approach it and do really well.

Q. (Indiscernible.)

BERNARD TOMIC: I think both. I think mentally and physically it drains you. If you lack one, then I think you lose both of them. Both have got to be strong, and you've got to be strong for every tournament you play in. That's what I've realized.
And you've got to be mentally in the go and willing t play every match and wanting to win. If you can do both that and feel fresh for the tournaments you play, you give yourself the best chance to do well.

Q. How stunned were you by the criticism when you weren't playing well last year?

BERNARD TOMIC: Well, there was a bit of that. It was obviously hard, but I've learnt. It's just a learning curve. I'm happy it all happened in a way because you learn from your mistakes. Now I can continue to go forward and look to something bright this year.

Q. (Indiscernible.)

BERNARD TOMIC: I think after I stopped, I think I pulled out of Paris, I think I took two, three weeks off and took some time away and didn't really have that chance to take two, three weeks off tennis during the year.
That's when I really committed and worked extremely hard over the summer. My body is really fit now and I'm playing tennis so, so well. I'm just feeling 100% out there, and that's why the results have been showing.
Hopefully they continue for me.

Q. (Indiscernible.)

BERNARD TOMIC: Yeah, you know, I've felt so much better for myself and in myself, and that's why I've been doing well. It's the best feeling in the world when you know you've trained a lot and you know you're getting the results.
I'm going to continue to work hard and improve. I've got so much to improve on, so hopefully I can keep improving.

Q. (Question regarding tournament scheduling.)

BERNARD TOMIC: I mean, I sat down and said I played over 28, 29 tournaments and three Davis Cup ties. The year before that when I got to I think 40 in the world I played 19 tournaments.
So I looked into that and obviously saw that I wasn't perform in probably ten of the tournaments that I was playing in. I couldn't really because my fitness wasn't there and mentally I wasn't there.
I think for me, I've realized that I need to be ready for every tournament that I play. The best chance I'm going to do that is committing to play three weeks and having a week or two off and doing that consistently.

Q. (Indiscernible.)

BERNARD TOMIC: Yeah, the way now I've been playing, there is no stopping me. I can do really well. I'm not going to say I'll be in the top 10 in two months, three months. I don't know. Could take longer or could happen just like that the way I've been playing.
I believe I'll get there this year. If I keep up this attitude and the way I've been playing, who knows? Could go even higher.

Q. How hard is it hearing from Australian media that you're not professional?

BERNARD TOMIC: Yeah, it was quite difficult, like I said. I was on the road for so long and it was my first big year on the tour. I realized it is a really hard year and it's really difficult.
I didn't approach it well at times, and now I'm happy I've learnt all this and learnt from my mistakes. Now it's all going to come good for me. I know what I need to do this year to give myself the best chance of being a better player.

Q. What about Sydney specifically? What do you like about being here?

BERNARD TOMIC: Oh, man, so many good things about Sydney. I was at the harbor last night. That was pretty good. Oh, there is so much to do here I think. Looking back, I played here well when I was 16 in the qualifying.
Anywhere in Australia that I play is great for me. I chose Sydney for a great preparation and leadup before the Australian Open, and believe I can do well. And giving myself the best chance of doing well in Melbourne is to come here and prepare at the tournament.

Q. (Question regarding Davis Cup.)

BERNARD TOMIC: I mean, look, it's out of the question now. I don't think I'll be participating in that tie or the tie after, in April, I should say.
After that, in September if they need me, then I'll be more than happy to play. Until then, hopefully I can get my ranking up higher.

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Re: Bernard's Articles and News

Tomic in no rush to play Davis Cup
January 9, 2013 - 6:22PM
Darren Walton

Pat Rafter's tough love towards Bernard Tomic could backfire after the resurgent youngster said he had no desire to speak with Australia's Davis Cup captain any time soon.

Rafter last month banned Tomic from next month's Asia-Oceania first-round zonal tie in Taiwan, citing a poor attitude, and now it seems the 20-year-old is intent on dishing out his own retribution.

No sooner had he gained sweet revenge over his German Davis Cup conqueror Florian Mayer to power into the Sydney International quarter-finals was Tomic reopening his running battle with Rafter.

Asked at his post-match press conference why he had chosen to also skip the second-round tie in April - presuming Australia makes it - Tomic said he was in no rush to commit.

"I spoke to him. I was very clear," Tomic said.

"I don't think we'll be in contact until September. From there, we'll see. That's all I can say."

September is when Rafter and Cup warrior Lleyton Hewitt are hoping Australia get another crack at re-entry to the 16-nation World Group for 2014.

It appears, though, they may have to talk Tomic around if they want him back involved as well.

Last September, Rafter publicly lambasted Tomic for his meek showing against Andy Roddick at the US Open, saying he was disgusted in his performance.

Rafter still took Tomic to Hamburg for a World Group playoff later that month, but was left unimpressed again when Tomic was involved in an animated courtside exchange with Cup coach Tony Roche during a straight-sets loss to Mayer.

But it wasn't until last month that Rafter and Tennis Australia decided to take disciplinary action against Tomic.

Relations between Rafter and Tomic still seem cold, with Tomic changing his tune somewhat even since the weekend when he said he would be "more than happy to play" in September.

Hewitt on Wednesday said he was disappointed to learn of Tomic's stance.

"I'd like to have a chat with him obviously at some stage about it, more because I know Pat, he's pretty frustrated," Hewitt said in Melbourne, where he is contesting a pre-Australian Open exhibition event.

"He wants to have the best possible team we can have and Bernie's in that, there's no doubt about it.

"So that's a tough one. Obviously he had to work on a few things before he got back in the tie and whether that's had any influence on him missing the second tie, then I don't know.

"I personally haven't spoken to Bernie about it but I feel like the last year-and-a-half, two years, I'm probably the closest out of anyone with him, which a lot of people would find amazing after a few years ago."

Hewitt, who fell out with Tomic after a Wimbledon practice snubbing in 2009, indicated he was likely to wait until after the Open before trying to talk with his suspended Cup teammate.

"It's not the right time," Hewitt said.

"It's disappointing he's not playing the first tie, but that's for other reasons than Bernie missing it himself.

"There's still a bit of time left before the second one. We'll have to wait and see and that's Pat's call."

Or maybe not.
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Re: Bernard's Articles and News

Pat Rafter, and others in the Australian Tennis establishment, have treated Bernie like dirt. At a time in his career when he needed support they joined the media frenzy in kicking him when he was down. They then drop him from the Davis Cup squad even though he has a really good record in the competition and has been eager to play in it (unlike some other players of his generation) on the basis of one bad match against Mayer on clay. In the last two play off ties he has done what was needed of him in beating Wawrinka and Marcel-Stebe and it was Hewitt's failure to beat those players which cost Australia the tie. If he is resentful about what happened who could blame him? He owes Rafter and Co absolutely nothing and if I was him I would wait for them to beg me to come back and play.
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Re: Bernard's Articles and News

Tomic caught speeding on Coast
Robyn Wuth | 11:50am January 29, 2013

FERRARI-driving tennis bad boy Bernard Tomic has done it again -- caught speeding on the Gold Coast this morning.

This time, it will cost the tennis ace his driver's licence.

The tennis star was granted a 12-month one-point good-behaviour licence last month after a string of hooning and driving offences across the city.

It lasted less than a month before the 20-year-old was caught speeding in a bright yellow Ferrari on Salerno Street on the Isle of Capri travelling at a speed of 78km/h through the 60km/h zone.

It was a $220 ticket and carries a loss of three demit points -- game, set and match for Tomic's open licence.
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Re: Bernard's Articles and News

I can't even

Novak Djokovic — Juan Martin del Potro
Seppi — Garcia-Lopez — Simon — Klizan — Gasquet — Paire — Pouille — Halys
and every single Australian player out there
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