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Re: Mardy's not playing Rome - he's playing Tunica Challenger instead.

Don't worry Deb - we'll agree again, don't know where, don't know when, but I know we'll agree again some sunny day...

I almost wonder whether the clay season is even worth bothering about for Fish - he doesn't have the pressure on him to perform on all surfaces as Roddick does since he's not in the same elite bracket, and he could almost adopt the same approach that old serve-volleyers like Rusedski do, ie use this period to train and build up strength for the grass season. If you wanted to devise the perfect anti-clay player then Fish is surely it, I still can't work out why PMac insisted on playing him in the DC final just to keep the young team dynamic going when everyone's favourite grinder Vinny Ice handed him and Roddick a lesson in practice sessions leading up to the tie.

There are some players who are limited by weak mental strength, some players limited by poor movement and fitness, some players who don't know how to co-ordinate the various elements of their game effectively - but I can't think of many who combine all three of those problems like Fish does. I was rooting for him in the Olympic final to stop the Raccoon claiming gold, and he's the only American who tries to play all-court tennis, but I prefer the kamikaze no-groundstroke approach of Denthead instead.

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