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Misha is the Russian hero now He was on Tv yesterday (on RTR right after the evening news) with Tarpishev,Fetisov and the small cup, Misha was wrapped in a Russian flag btw they didn't ask him much, just to say something about himself- he said: I train in Moscow, I'm 20, I don't like discos and don't party they also asked him wheather he had a gf and Misha said he did. The journalist was also wondering wheather Misha could beat Sampras now

Tarpishev was asked if Zhenya will retire, and shamil answered that he didn't think so, he thinks that Zhenya will take a 2 months rest and return, he just says he will retire because he's mentally tired He also said Marat will come to Moscow on Wednesday.

Fetisov was asked if Misha will be given any award (îðäåí?) and he said they will discuss it
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