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Thanks for the welcome cat.

Let's clear up one thing from the start, though. I have fought with typh00nz in the past. I get along okay with him these days, partly because we declared a truce a long time ago, partly because we have both had to suffer personal attacks from the same third party, whom I will not name, but he is not a "pal" and I am nothing like him. For a start, I know a lot more than he does about tennis. He would be the first to admit this.

There are two, maybe three, people on the various boards whom I consider pals. I don't usually name them anymore because this kind of thing can be silly and embarrassing, but they know who they are and I have displayed my affection for them in public on odd occasions in the past. typh is not one of them.

That said, I'm pleased to read that there's no acrimony here. There's far too much at wtaworld.

Again, I appreciate the welcome.
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