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New Player Bashing Rules - No Changes Made

A rule against bashing players

Dear members,

In order to improve the forum, and to reduce some of the animosity between various fan bases, we have decided to introduce a rule against player bashing.

Contents of the rule

The rule against bashing players is as follows:

Members are not permitted to bash a player or his family. This includes (but is not limited to) the following specific cases:

a) Posts that bash a player. (ex. Player A is a pathetic piece of shit, a total loser no one but global hookers will remember about in a couple of years.) (ex. Take out the trash.)

b) Player nicknames that are derogatory toward the player, used to ridicule a player or to get under the skin of a player's fanbase. (ex. Nadull, Federina, Mugray, Gruntollers, Fakerovic, Noserer, Vulture, etc.)

c) Pictures in posts, signatures or avatars which bash a player, or pictures that replace a term that is derogatory.
Enforcement of the rule

This rule will be enforced on a trial basis for a week. I.e., for a week, no member will receive an infraction for breaking this rule. Beginning on June 10th users will begin to receive warnings and infractions. However, until that time any post that violates this rule may be deleted. Once the trial week is up, the rule will be enforced consistently for all threads.

After a week (and subject to any changes to the rule after this trial period), the rule will be enforced in a similar fashion to all other forum rules and according to the following scheme:

Offense                Expires        Maximum    First red
Player Bashing         1 year         10         - (second red = 1 day)

Your feedback

We believe that at least some of the animosity between the members of the forum, especially in the General Messages section of the forum, results directly from the repetitive and childish insults on players, and the retaliatory behavior that often follows. It is our opinion that a rule against player bashing will improve the forum by reducing these repetitive and unpleasant attacks on players.

However, we ask that you provide your opinion about this rule. Do you support implementing such a rule, and can you think of ways to improve it?

All suggestions are welcome, and can be made in this thread of the "Your Suggestions/Feedback" of the forum.

Peter Polansky
Nestor - Chvojka - Pospisil - Raonic - Peliwo

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