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Southwest (May 18-20):
Men's Champion (32 draw): Robert Seby, Oro Valley, AZ
Women's Champion (16 draw): Kelcy McKenna, North Bend, OR
Mixed Champions (4 draw): Kelcy McKenna, North Bend, OR/Stephen Robertson, Tualatin, OR

Florida (May 25-28):
Men's Champion (32 draw): Jeff Dadamo, Tampa, FL
Women's Champion(8 draw): Amy sargeant, Tallahassee, FL
Mixed Champions (8 draw): Sarah E. Witten, Naples, FL/Jesse Witten, Naples, FL

Southern (May 27-June 2):
Men's Champion (64 draw): Elliott Orkin
Women's Champion (16 draw): Allison Miller
Mixed Champions (16 draw): Whitney McCray/Danie van den Heever

Mid-Atlantic (June 1-4):
Men's Champion (64 draw): Patrick Daciek, Maryland
Women's Champion(32 draw): Nika Kukharchuk, Southern Region
Mixed Champions (16 draw): Stephanie L. Wetmore, Northern California/Matt Brooklyn, Washington D.C.

Eastern (June 9-15):
Men's Champion (128 draw): Damon Gooch, Bethesda, MD
Women's Champion (32 draw): Magda Okruashvili, Brooklyn, NY
Mixed Champions (16 draw): Takaraa Bertrand, Jamaica, NY/Sam Sweeney, New York, NY

Southern California (June 10-14):
Men's Champion (32 draw): JC Aragone, Yorba Linda, CA
Women's Champion (32 draw): Mayo Hibi, Irvine, CA
Mixed Champions (16 draw): Chanelle Van Nguyen, Coconut Grove, FL/M. Mackenzie L. McDonald, Piedmont, CA

New England (June 13-16):
Men's Champion (128 draw): Nolan C. Paige, Fairfield, CT
Women's Champion (32 draw): Meghan Kelley, Falmouth, ME
Mixed Champions (16 draw): Meghan Kelley, Falmouth, ME/Daniel Quiceno, Beverly, MA

Northern California (June 18-23):
Men's Champion (64 draw): Andrew Ball, Palo Alto, CA
Women's Champion (32 draw): Giuliana Olmos, Fremont, CA
Mixed Champions (16 draw): Yasmin Schnack, Elk Grove, CA/Eric Roberson, Sacramento, CA

Northern (June 20-24):
Men's Champion (32 draw): Tony Larson, Blaine, MN
Women's Champion (16 draw): Nicole Melichar, Stuart, FL
Mixed Champions (16 draw): Nicole Melichar, Stuart, FL/Brian D. Battistone, Las Vegas, NV

Middle States (June 22-24):
Men's Champion (128 draw): Matija Pecotic, Princeton, NJ
Women's Champion (32 draw): Lindsay K. Graff, Princeton, NJ
Mixed Champions (32 draw): Lindsay K. Graff, Princeton, NJ/Matija Pecotic, Princeton, NJ

Midwest (June 22-25):
Men's Champion (64 draw): Ronnie R. Schneider, Central Indiana
Women's Champion (32 draw): Nelle Youel, Northern Illinois
Mixed Champions (16 draw): Sandy Niehaus, Ohio Valley/Wil R. Lofgren, Ohio Valley

Texas (June 24-29):
Men's Champion (128 draw): Charles H. Boyce, Cedar Hill, TX
Women's Champion (64 draw): Peggy Porter, Dallas, TX
Mixed Champions (32 draw): Karina L. Traxler, Rockwell, TX/John Mee, Dallas, TX

Missouri Valley (June 27-30):
Men's Champion (32 draw): Nick J. Papac, Oklahoma
Women's Champion (32 draw): Victoria P. Flores, Iowa
Mixed Champions (16 draw): Victoria Lozano, Eastern Washington/Patrick Smith, Heart of America

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