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Re: Gonzo Articles and News

Here’s the internet translation of an article/interview from the newspaper La Segunda (have posted the original in Feña’s Español forum)

Fernando González recharges batteries in Santiago
"Al World of Düsseldorf we go with four players"

The idea is to invite a fourth member to defend the title and on his coach, confirmed that "I will travel with Horacio of the Rock although the captain be Patrician Rodriguez".

González and Of the Rock, a double inseparable one. Fernando González belongs to that species of querendones of its family. Because of it that in Miami, during the tournament of Key Biscayne, they were their mother, their older sister and their father. For him better nothing than enjoying them and in their city. Santiago has for him a special attraction. They will be ten days alternating a daily work of not less than 3 hours, that will extend al double from Thursday on next in double shift in the central tenístico located near Kennedy with Américo Vespucio.

The plans contemplate, by common consent with Nicolas Massú, for the World one by Teams of Düsseldorf (15 of May), to travel with other Chileans as Adrián Garcia Hermes Gamonal and Paul Capdeville, for be not carried all the weight of the tournament. And in the banking they will be, Patrician Rodriguez, like the captain, but also Horacio of the Rock, supervising the performance of their pupilo, Fernando González.

¿How much time requires a tennis player of your level to reload batteries in the middle of an intense season?

Every tennis player, especially the south americans that live far away, we need to pass some days at home with ours, family and friends; is always important to return although be well tenística and mentally..

¿The cut has to do with the intense thing of the season of clay to face Rome, Hamburg, World Cup by teams and Roland Garros?

Yes, it is better to stop, to be taken the things with calm and to avoid the injuries. I have clear that the master series that come (Rome and Hamburg) and Roland Garros, are the hardest tournaments of slow courts and one must be hundred percent.

Comply I am not

¿Which is your balance of these almost 4 months of activity?

Always one has the sensation to be able to improve the things. But I do not want to be unjust, I had good results, I gained a championship (Auckland in New Zealand fast courts), and I am very motivated. The word comply do not i like, but I believe that are going to arrive better successes.

We will invite other players..

¿This year also they will confront with Massú all the parties in Düsseldorf?

Not, this year we will alternate. Already I spoke it with Nicolas. We will go four players and not three (in 2004 besides was integrated Adrián Garcia).

¿To who are going to invite?

Perhaps to Adrián Garcia, Hermes Gamonal and also they would be able to be Phillip Harboe, Paul Capdeville or to the same one Jorge Aguilar. I would love to carry some young player that was rising, but seems me that still there is not none it sufficiently prepared. At any rate one must take it with calm, already we will speak with the players that to us (with Massú) seems us that they can be in the team.

Massú, by being the one of Chile, has the privilege of appointing al technical for the Tournament of the Nations and will be Patrician Rodriguez. What happens with its coach, Horacio of The Rock?

Horacio is my coach and he will travel to Germany. Respect any decision, but my technician is Of the Rock.

The prize by gaining the Cup of Nations should reach to some US$800 thousand, that in case of repeating the title and to reach a tricampeonato, the "torta" will be distributed between all the members of the team and now, as opposed to last year, will be four players.
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