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Re: What's up with that nonsense?

Originally Posted by No1emania View Post
Yes I've been / I was. With much more subforums, topics and visitors.

I am not talking about that.

I do that and it says "forum wants you to wait 30s..." or something like that. What the hell does that prevents?
It's already insulting and irritating, but I wait 30+ seconds like a full, try again and I get the same message. And again. And again...

So as I've said, if they still see this "feature" as something very smart and very useful, they should put appropriate links in user CP - that would me much more useful than some of the useless stuff that are already in there...
Every single large forum I am subscribed to has a wait limitation for searches as well. Again, it reduces load on the server. If you aren't happy with that or don't understand, then go donate money. Because seriously, I just went to 5 different large forums that I am subscribed to and every single one of them have a search limit within 30 or 60 seconds and 2 of these forums are very large ones (5000-10000 users on at once consistently).

And about using USER CP area, I could care less. As if it takes that long to go to a thread and click on your name. Plus, under "Quick Links" you go to your profile which gives you your thread and post searches..

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