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Re: Ask MTF Mods

Originally Posted by samanosuke View Post
yep, i am talking about one of mine infractions . even if it is almost a year old i can't get over it because i see zillion same or worse posts every day and neither one doesn't get deleted, not to talk about giving infractions to somebody because of it . That's the part which bothering me, not the length of next ban. You know it's the worst feel when everybody isn't the same against the law
I don't mind at all, it's what I applied for, but each appeal I have handled has taken between one and two hours of my time.

I have to
1. Obviously read the appeal carefully.
2. Send an acknowledgment
3. Open a new thread in the Mods section of the forum
4. Read a copy of the infraction email
5. Make a preliminary assessment to see whether the appeal makes sense and has some merit.
5a. If I conclude that the appeal is entirely frivolous and designed purely to waste everyone's time, I will dismiss it and advise the poster to this effect. (Fortunately this has not happened yet!) Otherwise
6. Read the relevant part of the thread where the offending post occurs to familiarise myself with the context.
7. Study the poster's infraction history.
8. Make sure that I am up to date with the rule which has allegedly been broken.
9. Ask the mod issuing the infraction any supplementary question which I deem necessary.
9a. If I decide at this stage that I cannot support the appeal, advise the poster with reasons, and post my conclusion in the appeal thread. Otherwise
10. Confirm to the poster that I support his/her appeal.
11. Argue the case on his/her behalf to the best of my ability.
12. On receipt of a final decision from the mods, advise the poster of the outcome and update my statistics.

For your information, samanosuke, the infraction file contains over 2,700 entries since the beginning of 2008. If the mods permitted these to be reviewed and only 2 or 3% took advantage of this permission I would soon be overwhelmed.

Also I must point out that your opinion that another poster has committed the same or a worse offence than you would not be a good ground for an appeal. If you are guilty and get punished it is not relevant whether you think another poster is equally guilty and has not been punished. Use the report button and go on using it.

Having said that, I have no cases pending at the moment, so if you would like me to look at yours on an unofficial basis I would be happy to do so, as long as you accept the fact that any conclusion I come to cannot be acted upon.

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