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Cool Get to know Guga's hometown

Florianopolis, the capital of the State of Santa Catarina, is located on the west coast of the Ilha (island) de Santa Catarina and is linked to the mainland by the longest suspension bridge in Brazil, the Hercilio Luz Bridge.

The city was first setlled by Spaniards in 1542, but by 1675 the Portuguese took control of the island. During the 19th century a considerable immigration of non-Portuguese peoples occurred. Germans arrived as early as 1829 and came in great numbers during the 1850s, settling not only in Florianopolis, but also along the valleys in the mainland. Later other waves of immigrants from Italy, Poland, and Russia arrived in Santa Catarina to build new lives.

Today Florianopolis is a busy commercial center. Industries produce metallurgical and electrical communications equipment, pharmaceuticals, plastics, and perfume.

Surfing is a serious activity there. So much so that they built a monument to commemorate all the great surfers that have come from this area.

Another Brazilian hero from this area is "Guga", the tennis star.
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