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Re: Rafachat - Vol. 80: It's comeback time baby!!! :rocker2:

Originally Posted by Castafiore View Post
Eurovision Spoilers ahead

I forgot the greek song as soon as the next one came along but I remember the act. I figure that this is what got them through.

Romania (or, as the one of the commentators on the BBC said: "putting mania in to Romania") was hysterical. Granted, the man has an incredible voice. Just looking at how flexible his vocal cords must be:
I don't find it pleasing on my ears at all, but it's also a memorable act so in that sense, I'm glad it's through. This is what eurovision is about IMO. It's not about song quality and artistic value but eurovision is supposed to be fun. Romania had an entertaining act to watch.

The box act: some people argued: remove the box and the song is instantly forgettable. I'd agree with that, but the box act was great.

Switzerland had a puzzling act. To me, it felt as if they were doing a rehearsal and they were still trying to tweak it, they'd still have to figure out the outfits and what to do on stage. It felt unfinished.

From what I've seen of the German act: that's a clear rip-off of the winning song last year. Even the song titles match: Glorious (compared with last year's winner "Euphoria").

Finally, the dress of the host of the show. What a monstrosity!
I stayed away to avoid spoilers so It's ok. This is the window that I can be spoiler free cos I've seen all the semis and the final hasn't been on yet

I LOVED Azerbaijan with their 'box act' song. The box act was amazing but I really enjoyed the song too (and he was lovely to look at too).

Romania's sound is just NOT the kind of singing I enjoy but yes the act was fun.

I really liked the Belgian entry but I saw another of his songs from the pre-selection, one he did in French and I preferred that to the one that is in the final. I'm still glad the song went through

Favourites at this stage are Azerbaijan, Belgium, Denmark and Ukraine I think.

Tomorrow I will be not on the internet all day til it's been on TV here so no worry of posting spoilers
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