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Re: S.Q.T. (stupid question thread)

Originally Posted by beotiger View Post
Well I understand that the rule exists. I simply feel that its un just, and would be more interesting if changed. As in "replay the point, second serve".

I guess I wanted to have a debate about it, but then again, this is the S.Q.T.
Any interruptions in a service always lead to a first serve. If a let is needed on a second service for any reason other than the ball hitting the net cord, the only example that comes to mind is something coming onto the court immediately after the serve is hit, or after the return is hit, then you get a 1st serve. If you break a string as you're hitting a first serve, when you switch racquets you get your first serve back again. Most rules lead to a first service, as it is the fairest thing to do.
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