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Re: Ask MTF Mods

Originally Posted by The Bulldog View Post
Pusher for life banned. Why?
The reply will be; Trolling.

Apparantely it's against the rules of MTF to have a little bit of fun. Pusher for life had a harmless gimmick. No one had to take him seriously, he was not breaking any rules, but of course he gets banned. The exact same question can be asked with heya, she's been on the site for 11 years now, I presume she has always posted the same, yet for some reason what she does is now classed as trolling?

If these posters ever get perma banned, MTF will not be the same. Mods seem to be leeching out all of the fun from the place.

Mark Lenders banged your girlfriend, I'm sorry to tell you that mate.
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