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Re: Ask MTF Mods

Originally Posted by samanosuke View Post
I have a question about removing Freak3yman840's permaban.

First want to say that absolutely support over turning permaban decisions whoever is included but few things confusing me. From all permbaned posters why Freak3yman840 was the one who deserved decision changing when this poster at the time of his ban created at least 3-4 DAs? And by the rules of MTF just this is enough for another permaban. Even more, if already permaban decision deserved to be changed and you didn't want consider all those DAs as another permaban violation why at least he didn't serve suspension for it from the moment when initial decision was changed? We all are witnessing every day cases when temporally banned users creating DAs and getting extra months of penalty for it.

So my question would be why other permabaned posters who aren't breaking the rules and not making DAs even if they know they won't be back don't deserve second chance but one poster who even permabaned was continuing to break the rules deserved it ?

PS Writing all these want to say I have nothing against Freak3yman840 just I am confused with deciding consistency. Oh wait...
I feel like this has been answered before but the user filed an appeal and it was decided that the user had a good case. The user had already served 6 months of ban time at the time.

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