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Re: Jimmy Connors hints relationship with Chris Evert ended with pregnancy and aborti

Originally Posted by Ilovetheblues_86 View Post
Which people bitch about abortion but are fine with anihilating villages? Hitler, Stalin, who else?

And yes, democracy is a fail, because is when you impose the will of the majority over the minority, is not perfect, thats why you have the minority rights.

If you are going to wait dont get your wife pregnant. The church is perfectably reasonable when it says sex is only after getting married. And I am not even religious.

I think a neanderthal is someone who is pure instinct and have sex unprotected to the poing of making an embryo and then disposing it. Of course I will never marry a woman with such neanderthal point of view. My point of view is neo-avantgardesque. Vanguardist, dare I say. =]
Let's see. One group wear funny hats and robes and abuse children. The other, have this fiction book, and call for everyone in Middle East to be nuked. The same people who complain about gay marriage and abortion abuse boys behind the doors. These people are sick. But other posters are right. Let's not make this a religion thread.

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