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John Tomic allegedly arrested for breaking nose on Bernie's HP

amazing, but it happened yesterday

dolgo noticed there was a man on the floor like 100 metres far from the hotel. the man was bleeding on her face, nose and lips. they called the hotel´s stuff and an ambulance. tomic, who was doing his check in at the hotel(he just arrived there), also went there, and when the police came, we could know it was tomic´s physical trainer(they told us and shew his identity)

when they managed the guy to get awaken again with the ambulance, he told that another coach(dont know who, unfortunately), hit him, and they flew from montecarlo on the same flight and they were arguing already. they hit on the street, and that guy left him on the floor bleeding, having no sense. the police came into the hotel and got that man under arrest. he also had some blood on his face

never seen something like that. bernie was caring so much for his trainer, and really behaved SO good with him

i ve never seen something like that. we could also see tipsarevic looking from his window at what was happening


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