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Re: Rising Francesco vol. 18 - Betty on her way to 100k posts

Originally Posted by Jelena View Post
Hmmm. Let's say, she doesn't dare to take a shower when I am not at home. And it is actually good that way. Yesterday she took a shower and directly afterwards got a cramp. She could hardly walk the rest of the day. And even today she still had problems to walk.

If the doctors only finally found out what the cause of it is....
So even as something as simple as taking a shower is enough to cause setbacks which may well go on for a couple of days or more.

Being in limbo until a definite cause is known must be disheartening to say the least. And if they do, well, you wouldn't be expecting miracles all at once, but at least you would know and could progress fromthere.

Originally Posted by EnriqueIG8 View Post
I know but you know, money is no major issue for me I really hope so! We play against #18 (Last in the table) and they are already relegated if I'm not mistaken. I need it after the Barça debacle!

Oh sounds very nice! Are you going for alcoholic beverages or just some refreshments? Have you already booked a holiday yet?

So you're not really too mithered about having to do so. The only thing is they may feel they have a bit of pride left to play for which could cause you one or two problems, but I think it's highly unlikely Ajax will be leaving empty handed. You do need a bit of a lift after that. They've rebuilt before and they can do so again. Probably starting from the back, where they could perhaps do with a keeper who seems to have a bit more authority than Valdes, and a bit of support for Pique wouldn't go amiss either.

We usually have a really good day. Sometimes we'll just have a straight meal with refreshments and then a bit later on go for a couple of drinks, and other days it'll be just a meal. Depends how we feel on the day.
No. Bit short of the folding stuff at the moment so that's on hold for a while. Maybe it'll happen a bit later on in the year.

Real men have singlehanded backhands.

Originally Posted by Betty View Post
nike could use this sentence:
dont need fed
Originally Posted by Sonja1989 View Post
Now I really don't know how to keep my eyes
Originally Posted by BlackeyeVuk View Post
My life is complete, seeing JayR somewhat annoyed and angry at Clutch. Giddy. Not that i hate anyone.

Just I can't fathom JayR to be spitie little rascal when it needs.
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