- Announcements in Forum : Virtual Betting - 2012 Madrid
Announcements in Forum : Virtual Betting - 2012 Madrid
11-06-2016 until 12-21-2016
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PopCon 2016 - Nominations end 6am GMT!

I am hosting PopCon this year, accepting any additional help from those willing to give it.

"PopCon" is an abbreviation of 'Popularity Contest' and is a reciprocal for MTF's other big off-season contest, ACC (Arseclown Contest). While ACC is intended to determine the 'worst' poster, PopCon instead aims to find the 'best' [note that the definitions of these are left ambiguous]. Posters will be given the option to nominate 40 others, from which 112 participants + 16 Qualifying spots up for grabs will compete in a head-to-head knockout competition based on Grand Slam draws.

This post will be archived following the contest's conclusion, and is supposed to be a directory to all links from PopCon. Threads that will be linked here include:
Chat thread - where all comments can be made
Nominations Thread - exclusive to making a 40-poster list
Voting Threads - one for each day/round, only for casting votes in one-on-one matchups
Media Thread - only for members of the PopCon Media team to post comedy-style analysis and roundups to entertain others.

Live Spreadsheet, Nominations and Voting

Chat Thread:

Nomination Thread:
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