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Re: 2013 Spring European Clay Season, Allez!

Originally Posted by lalaland View Post
I also disagree that he has no weapons, but I think GSAddict means in terms of a power FH or BH or S or V, he doesn't have a Kill Shot, so to speak.
Yes that's what I mean. Nothing that can be called upon at will on break point or to win him easy points on a regular basis the way someone like a Tsonga can because of his size and therefore easy power or big serve. Gilles can't do that. He has to rely on his speed instinct to see where he thinks the next shot of his opponent is going to go and where he needs to be. It's much more a chess game for him than a bulldozer approach like Tsonga. Bottom line, it's very rarely in Gilles' hands on the court. At least at first. He has to adapt and wear his opponents down first.

I like the analogy, as gross as it may be because I hate spiders, that one of the announcers gave in describing Gilles' game by likening him to that of a spider who constructs a web on the court and makes his opponent get stuck in it and watches as they twist and turn and tire themselves out and once they are exhausted and worn down, he swoops in for the kill, picking up the pieces and taking them out.

Another good analogy I heard from Rob koenig I believe it was was that Gilles doesn't go in and blow an opponent away with brute force and heavy body blows with say a giant axe like a Tsonga might, but rather, chips away at all the major arteries over and over with a tiny dagger slowly bleeding out his opponent.

Graphic descriptions to be sure, but oddly enough, very true.
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