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Re: 2013 Spring European Clay Season, Allez!

Originally Posted by news-tennis83 View Post
he won titles beating inferior players most of the time (maybe not Almagro).
Very true, but aren't they all? I mean, players like Tsonga and Gasquet, who are said to be supremely talented, how often they won titles requiring them to beat superior players? The answer is, not often. Of Gilles' 10 titles, 4 of them he beat someone higher ranked than him. 4 for Tsonga and 3 for Gasquet. Although Tsonga did won his first 3 titles beating Nole 1.0. Since then, he had only beaten 1 player who's higher ranked than him, that's this year beating Berdych in Marseille. As for Richard, his 3 titles that he had to beat someone higher ranked them him, he was ranked in the 60s in all those 3 tournaments. So you see, it's not uncommon for these players to beat inferior players to win their titles. The fact is, if you win 9-10 titles in your career, you probably has a high ranking most of the time, and unless those titles you won are MS1000 or slams, otherwise, it's most likely that you are beating players lower rank than yourself.

I think to say someone is overachieved or underachieved, is based on the expectation of them. So you won't say Tsonga or Gasquet reach their expectation so far, since they were both exceptional juniors and were expected to win slam. As compare to Gilles, who wasn't expected to even make pro when he was a junior.

Originally Posted by BlueLighthouse View Post
Small feel good story in this tough time

A kid name Jason used to ballboyed and said Gilles was the nicest man he'd ever ballboyed for.

PS. We know all along that Sloan Stephens was bs when she badmouthed Gilles. (I'm still put her on forever shitlist, though).
It's annoying that Sloan Stephens badmouthed Gilles and got away with it, and ppl are still making fun of Gilles bcos of Sloan's Stephens' BS incorrect accusation.

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