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Re: Rafachat - Vol. 80: It's comeback time baby!!! :rocker2:

Originally Posted by MariaV View Post
And where have you been, reading a book in your garden?
Yes, but not the entire weekend, you curieuzeneuzemosterdpot.

Besides, it was a bit chilly but my garden is so beautiful this time of the year that I decided to read a bit outside anyway, with a warm jacket and scarf.
+ there was a party for my goddaughter as well. (busy weekend)
But I did see Rafa's final (online).

Finding a beautiful coffee table isn't as easy as it looked when I decided to search for a replacement of my current table. Most of the coffee tables I've seen so far are utterly boring in design and material used. The rest is ridiculously overpriced (my guess: 5% of the price covers the production costs and the other 95% you pay for the ego of the big shot designer) and even then: the design may be original and fun but often not really practical to use.

The search continues.

I was reading a report on a trip made by journalists to a Syrian refugee camp in the country Jordan. When asked where the reporters are from and getting the reply "Belgium", people began to laugh.
Slightly miffed, the reporters asked what's so funny about coming from Belgium.
The reply: "Belgam is the nickname given to Palestinians in Jordan"
Question: "Is that a bad thing? An insult?"
Reply: "No, on the contrary. It's a compliment. It refers to the fact that Belgium created a country were there was none at all beforehand. It serves as an inspiration for Palestinians."

--> You learn something every day.

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