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Re: 2 explosions at Boston Marathon, UPDATE: at least 3 dead, 144 injured

Originally Posted by heya View Post
My family thinks money in the good 'ol USA means you're a winner.

The guards at public events, like the Boston Marathon, were in front of the killers time after time.
The cowards had big coats & giant heavy backpacks, put the packs down & left quickly. Only the one maimed survivor saw how suspicious the killer was. His rescuer, a 52 year old man, everyday people & an off-duty firefighter were the true heroes, but the
lame 25 year old guards weren't even nearby.

Guards couldn't care less about the people in the crowd. Probably the useless police & guards were more interested in making money.
The FBI phone tapped the killer but the US let the idiots loose and the "friends" treated them as heroes because they weren't living in poverty.

Now, bomb survivors suffer daily with physical reminders & possible feelings of depression, hatred & humiliation. "Politicians" call the victims to tell them they are heroes, and tv hosts begged them for numerous interviews a week after they were blown up & burned badly.
Obviously, if you aren't rich or famous & you don't work exhaustingly for the USA politicians, Congress & lame corporations, you're declared a loser.
What is this socialist drivel?
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