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Re: 2013 Spring European Clay Season, Allez!

Originally Posted by news-tennis83 View Post
In fact, i appreciate what he can do on the court/his interviews sometimes but i wouldn't say i'm a "fan" and i also think he could/should play more aggressively as he's capable to especially against players who gives him time to do so; particularly at his peak it was the case indeed.
I've also noticed he makes more unforced errors on easy balls and is generally relatively slower, not a good thing...
Otherwise, as you said, it's a problem of mindset, natural instincts and confidence with him, but for instance when he has a better serving day like against Del Potro in Marseille, he feels more confident and he's way more proactive in rallies and at return of serve as well.
Anyway, tennis is a sport where mental toughness and confidence are really important to get results, more so than playing style and talent.
Unfortunately, i doubt anything will change drastically with a new coach, in my opinion it's too late to win something worth mentioning: he's 28, struggles with injuries, has passed his prime and the ATP level is high.
I guess he will continue to have good and shaky days in terms of confidence, play etc with solid results but nothing more, apart from one of two good performances in MS 1000 per year so a pattern of his whole career.
You may be right about that. Especially these days, but to be fair, and I don't want to speak for anyone else here, but for me personally, I don't like him based on his wins/losses or notable title wins. I like him not only as a tennis player but as a human being. He's a great guy and I don't really find myself liking guys like Nadal or Federer as favorites. It's too easy. They win everything of significance and it starts to get/feel old. I know it's not fair but it's true in terms of how I feel. I'm much more excited when Gilles manages to win something, no matter how small of a tournament it may be because it's not expected or a given.

Being a Gilles Simon fan is tough and takes a lot of patience and tolerance for heartache and grief which definitely gets tough. I often ask myself why I put myself through all this, but then all Gilles has to do is smile and say one of his usual interviews with silly ramblings about his game or relative obscurity to most fans or whatever and I remember why. I'm not a fan because I think he's going to acheive Federer like results some day or even once. In fact, many people already think he has more than met his potential and over-achieved which is not something you can say about Gasquet or Monfils. Gilles got a lot out of that scraggly little frame of his over the past ten years. Before Tsonga finally tied him he was the only one of the four Musketeers to have won ten titles. Gilles doesn't really get enough credit for what he has done and for how he's done it which is without God given natural weapons like size, power etc. like a Tsonga. He's had to scratch, scrape, grind and claw his way to success. In fact, Gilles gets more grief rather than credit. Go figure.

Anyway, just felt like bringing some positivity to the thread after how things have been going as of late.

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