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Re: 2013 Spring European Clay Season, Allez!

Originally Posted by news-tennis83 View Post
It's just a random guess for Delaitre as his future coach but i really think his new coach will be someone from FFT.
I see. I don't know this Delaitre, I hope he's good.

Originally Posted by news-tennis83 View Post
Otherwise, i watched a french TV show about tennis on Canal+Sport and Guy Forget was invited to discuss about Davis Cup and the loss in Argentina.
He didn't say anything wrong in my opinion: for him, Gilles was too shy and played too defensive (i think more on important points) on the court against Berlocq and that he should have shown who is the patron because of the difference of ranking, as was the case when he saved match points lol...
So, he also said it's sad to see him play like that because he can play good tennis and that he had a good idea to research a coach to redefine his tactics on the court.
Forget is right, but he's pointing out the obvious. Everyone thinks Gilles should be more offensive, everyone wants him to be more offensive. I think so too and I bet Gilles wants himself to be more offensive too. I don't think it's for tactical reason that he's not doing it. It's the mindset that he has that prevents him from doing it, he's afraid to miss. We fans all know that when he's feeling confident, he plays more offensively. It's harder to go against your instinct when you doubt yourself. He plays more tentatively when he's the favorite, he feels he has choices how to win a match, he falls back to his instinct of being defensive. When he's the underdog, he knows he cannot win unless he's offensive, same when his back's against the wall, it's easier to go against your instinct when you think it's the only way out. His pattern is so obvious to me, it doesn't need a Forget to point things out. I'm so tired of ppl complaining about Gilles not being offensive, like ppl complaining Gasquet standing 3 meters behind the baseline. I don't think these players not know their shortcomings (since everyone and their brothers know), I think it's just not easy to change. I remember long time ago, someone asked Gonzo why he has to bash the ball every single shot when he missed so many. Everyone and himself knew that he needs to have more patient and work the point more before going for it, including himself. He said, that's his instinct, he cannot not bash the ball, even though he knew he shouldn't. Then Larry Stefanki came along and finally helped him to do just that...That's what I'm hoping for Gilles, to find his Larry. A coach that can help a player to let go of his instinct, it will take a very strong coach to be able to change a player's mindset. It'll be a balance of respecting his student while being able to have the authority to influence him. That's why Tutu is not enough, too much respect for Gilles and too little influence. Forget will never be good because he has too little respect for Gilles. When your student don't feel respected, he'll resist your influence. Not that there's any possibility Forget will be considered. Gilles will never let Forget anywhere near him.
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