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Re: 2 explosions at Boston Marathon, UPDATE: at least 3 dead, 144 injured

Originally Posted by ironbmike View Post
Sure, and using a rifle is cowardice because soldiers aren't man enough to kill with a sword anymore. It's called technology.
And you've got the audacity to talk about perversion. Way to go mate.

Originally Posted by Punky
so anyone who voted in the last Elections is not an innocent civilian therefore...
99% of the American voters, whether Democrats or Republicans, yeah. And I'm not anti-American since only 38% of the population do vote (something I discovered during the last elections). That's the evidence that America still is a great people, overall.

If you vote for somebody, that means you agree with all the major points of the candidate's election programme, that by the way, you are supposed to read.
And if you re-elected somebody, that means you're supposed to agree with all the most important acts that he's done during his first term, that you're supposed to inform about (with the Internet now, there's no excuse for ignorance).

If you vote for Obama, that means you approve of the destruction of Lybia, of Syria, the upcoming destruction of Algeria and the war in Afghanistan and use of drones. Assume it.

Originally Posted by Punky
you have a very scary point of view and i have no idea how u believe in jesus that believe in love, ur so far away from that.
Destruction of Lybia, the most prosperous country in the Arab world, is that love?

Destabilization of Syria, conflict that has lasted for two years now, is that love?

War in Afghanistan, killing civilians with drones. April 7, a NATO bombing killed 11 Afghan children in Eastern Afghanistan, is that love?
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