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Re: Barcelona SF: Nadal roasts Raonic 6-4 6-0

Originally Posted by polarisgalaxy View Post
I don't think anyone is surprised Milos lost he obviously tried his game plan but it was the poor execution as the commentators said. I think it is really easy for arm chair critics to attack Milos when clay isn't even his favorite surface. Unlike most North American players Milos can play on clay.

Milos had a good week, this is a positive step forward he beat some good clay court players this week. He does need to continue improving on his movement he's never going to be the fastest player. And Nadal did expose Milos movement in this match especially by hitting low balls to him and pushing him to go to the net.

There is no shame losing to the seven time French Open champion. I do think Milos needs to improve somethings. First, Milos tactics became a bit predictable hit a powerful shot and come to net. The problem is, Nadal is good with his passing shots. I think Milos really needs to improve his backhand. The backhand was a huge hole in this match instead of always running around the forehand to hit shots if he improved the backhand and could hit winners off it will help him in the long run.

The volleys at times were predictable hitting into the open space, instead of trying to hit behind Nadal that's where he can improve. Nadal loves to run, but hitting the ball behind him could of helped.

The game plan was good though coming to the net and it worked when he broke Nadal to go up 2-0. It was the game when Milos had a chance to make it 3-0 where he made some mistakes on some volleys and shots that hurt him. I think Milos last shot was when he lead Nadal 3-2 and it was 30-30 and Nadal got mad about the time warning from the chair umpire. He just needs to be a bit more proficient and consistent on the big points that game was very important.

In the second set Nadal just pulled away and he figured out Milos game plan. I do believe though that this was still a positive week for Milos reaching the semifinals of a 500 ATP clay court event for the second year in the row. He defended his points. Hopefully Milos can learn from this experience. I think he got tired in the second set and playing a lot of tennis from yesterday caught up to him.
good post. I don't know why people here are so anti-raonic. It is not like other upcoming youngsters are beating the top 4 left and right. Raonic has a great serve - anyone who has learnt to play tennis knows that serve is the most difficult shot to master. His height helps sure but it is a great weapon to have. Raonic like other tall dudes need to improve their fitness and movement. I am not too worried about the backhand - which other player insanely goes after backhand like nadal does?

Ranoic played well yesterday to win those two matches and he ran out of steam today ~ at one point he was tired and was taking extra time to catch his breath and got a time violation. Nadal is not the yardstick for Ranoic to modify his game against at this point. How long is Rafa going to be around and nobody hits the ball with that much spin and angle to the backhand anyway?

On a different note I saw one video where the pros were dancing at Monte Carlo and Raonic was hilarious . Never knew the big guy had a personality like that - he is so calm on the courta nd emotionless that I cant even say if he is winning or losing. I thought the video was great.

I don't see raonic turning into an all time great but he will have his share of big match wins (or upsets) in him and a couple shots here and there at bigger titles.


*Assumes Rafael Nadal was never born

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