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Allie, I left ATP World this afternoon for a few minutes to find out answers for your blood stain removal question. And I haven't been able to get back into ATP World until about 10:45 pm EST Sunday night. But I'm glad I checked back in to ATP World one last time before I go to bed. And to my surprise, ATP World is running again!

Now Allie, I'm assuming you've talked to your Mother or sisters or somebody else in the interim and found out how to remove blood stains from upholstry. But in case you haven't, I found 2 short reports on the internet on how to remove blood stains from upholstry. I hope it helps. First, there is a report located at

The other easy way to remove blood stains is to use Hydrogen Peroxide to remove blood from clothing or furniture. Rub gently. It will probably work on upholstry, too. But a car is only a material object. It sounds like you and your friend had quite a scare! I hope you are both alright and on the road to recovery! Allie, it sounds like your girlfriend damaged her Lung or Lungs. Even though that cna be serious, better that than her heart. Lungs can recover better than hearts can.

And Allie, when I first read about you wanting to remove blood stains, I thought you may have been injured. I remember you recently said in WTA World's Non - Tennis forum that you had once been stabbed by a girl! I'm glad you weren't hurt. And I wish your friend a speedy recovery!

P.S. - Allie, when you were unable to access WTA World. And when I was unable to access ATP World this afternoon, I posted a thread about that in WTA World's Non- Tennis forum. And alot of people had similar problems accesing ATP World! And then the thread got moved to the Bugs and Errors forum. I believe the main problem was in a Server. That figures! These are tennis boards afterall! But I hope you can now access WTA World again as Alexis. If not, maybe you could sign up there as Allie, too. That way, you'll atleast have a backup name to login and post with.


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