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Re: Ask MTF Mods

Originally Posted by Mark Lenders View Post
The OP didn't hint at match fixing but a thread about a match with such result is the perfect bait to get that 'infraction', as a lot of posters immediately associate such bizarre result with fixing.
Why a thread starter be responsible for what other posters post in a thread especially the title and the opening post are not flaming and no hinting of any match fixing?

e.g. a poster non-stop criticising a player, starting thread after thread on the player. Then, a fan of said player come into the thread and wishing death or injury to the thread starter, should the thread starter be accused of baiting? Should the thread starter held liable for the other poster being banned?


What you say next makes absolutely no sense: so because he is an admin Snowyy shouldn't start regular result threads (why exactly is this? Since when does being a mod/admin stop someone from posting about the sport normally?), yet you believe he should be posting threads that are inevitably going to result in posts that violate the forum rules and are effictively bait?
Futures and Chanllengers result threads should be in their respective forums unless there is something special about the match. If posters "regularly" start futures result thread in GM which have nothing special, I would considered it spamming. In your original post, your accusation stating since Snowwy did not regularly post future results thread in GM, thus, starting that one is considered baiting, is absolutley flaw. And that's the reason of my response.

Do you have an answer for my other question btw?
Your question was about a decision made by admins considering a certain activity on this forum. I am not a mod or admin so I do not have an answer for you.

The one I responded to was about a poster starting a thread in GM. And I see no reason behind your accusation.

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