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Fill-In-The-Draw (FITD) Munich 2013 - Final Update - Hardbody27 is the winner!


Past champions:
2012: guyha4
2011: nole_no1
2010: Dupuis2006
2009: d_s

These are the rules:

1) No commitments are necessary for the tournaments. Simply post your picks in the thread. You may play more than one event per week.

2) To play this game, you will post a full predicted draw for the tournament, including all winners in all matches of all rounds.

3) You must post your full prediction before the first ball of the first main draw match is struck.

4) Every player can replace his/her draw only once per tournament whatever the reason of replacement.
If you are changing picks, you must post your picks in a new post. No editing posts under any circumstances.

5) As far as qualifiers are concerned, you may post just "Qualifier" in you predictions if you wish to make them before the qualifiers are placed, or you may wait until they are placed to predict, but remember that you must post before the first match begins. If two qualifiers play each other, and you are predicting before they are placed, you must predict based on their placement in the draw. For instance, you may say "Qualifier 1" which would indicate a prediction that the qualifier who is listed first in the draw would win, or you may say "Qualifier 2" which means that you predict the other qualifier to win.
If you didn't determine Qualifier 1 or 2, your pick will not be counted.

6) If a player receives a bye, you do not get points for predicting them into the second round.

7) Scoring goes as follows:
The points you receive will be based on the round points for the tournament. For each player you predict correctly into the second round, you receive the round points for a first round victory, and so on.

8)The tiebreak rule is to go by how many correct picks the players had in each round, (for example)
1. # of correct Final picks
2. # of correct SF picks
3. # of correct QF picks
4. # of correct R16 picks, etc.
and if the players are still tied after counting each round, they will remain tied.

9) Please remember:
-When you post your picks, please list ONLY the winners of each round. DO NOT have 'Player A d. Player B' as it will make the manager's job much easier
-Also, please do not use smilies in your picks, there is really no need for it.

For more info, please feel free to visit the FITD forum in the games section.

FITD Stats
Current Ranking: #1
Winner: US Open '16, World Tour Finals '15, Toronto '16, Shanghai '12, Acapulco '17, Tokyo '15, Beijing '13, Montpellier '16
Runner-up: Australian Open '12, Wimbledon '11, Cincinnati '15, Barcelona '16, Acapulco '12, Basel '11, Delray Beach '17, Shenzhen '16, 's-Hertogenbosch '16 & '14, Kuala Lumpur '11
Semi-finalist: Madrid '16 & '14, Monte Carlo '15, Miami '15, Cincinnati '11, Hamburg '15, Valencia '12, Tokyo '11, Metz '16, Sydney '16, Nice '14, Kitzbuhel '13, Atlanta '13, Oeiras '13, Stockholm '12, Casablanca '12, Umag '11
Quarter-finalist: Paris '14, Washington '16, Vienna '15, Rotterdam '14, Geneva '16, Memphis '16, Bucharest '13, Buenos Aires '13, Halle '12, Zagreb '12, Brisbane '12, Moscow '11

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