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Re: 2 explosions at Boston Marathon, UPDATE: at least 3 dead, 144 injured

Originally Posted by Sauletekis View Post
What's the comedy about this?

It's not about taste or whatever. I just presented a website which presents what could be facts (and solid ones) that probably the wrong people were killed. Nothing to laugh about it.

Come on...not only is half of it wrong, the basic premise is flat out retarded.

Some things the site claims:

They would use the same "dead person" from a school shooting to fake a victim in the boston massacre. Why? They want to get caught in their conspiracy? they can orchester a giant conspiracy like that and would throw stuff in like that just for laughs?

They would use SEAL AND MERCENARY TROOPS to do this. WHY THE HELL WOULD THEY DO THAT? also why would the use clothes with logos (the logo for the seal teams are wrong and are clearly gotten from a wallpaper) look up the real logos, takes 1 min. But besides why would you use clothes with logotypes that show your affiliation if you got something fishy going on? Elite Forces would have the brain capacity of 5 year olds while pulling off a stunt that is so severe that if they got caught it would create the biggest scandal in US history?

Also why would zoomed in pictures NOT showing something be PROOF of anything. You think you can see blood from zoomed in cameras from choppers or some journalist 500m away with ridiculous camera objectives to even get a photo that close? Ofc not.

Also what about image manipulation these days. Any clown can mixture with photos and draw some arrows.

Also why wouldnt the offical photos then be manipulated to hide the "lies" that site claims. You think they would remove their tracks if it was a real conspiracy. Instead many of these photos are official photos released to the media. Wouldn't they double-check what they release if it was something going on?

Also to sum it up why would FBI involve the military, mercenary troops and all kinds of goofy shit?

You realize that FBI themselves are a HUGE organization with immense resources. Why would they need help with something 2-3 people could pull off with ease by involving SEAL, blackwater and i dunno what.

The average internet user might not have the highest IQ but the amount of holes in that "evidence" are so huge it actually feels kinda bizarre trying to disprove them.

Feels like someone used google search and drew some arrows and wrote some captions and arrived at HIS truth. Which in this case is a giant load of BULLSHIT

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