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Re: The Forum Police are in town

Originally Posted by Wing Man Frank View Post
How can I prove that?

You don't want to discuss this, yet come into my thread whinging and bitching so I responded. I couldn't care less about you. If you want to chase a woman all over the internet (and fail), that's up to you.

When you open the doors for the world to see in, it's only natural they will use that information against you.
I came in this thread just because I was getting forum disruptions infraction for much less than this thread, i never said it was a bad thread just i felt robbed because i would get infractionated for thread like this

that woman story was just an attempt of trying to get your intention, actually i got interested when i saw you made two guys banned so i am interested if i could order some more head hunting ( obviously i pick the target ) and how much i need to pay for it ?

And which doors i have opened ? never shared any personal info at this board, because from first hand i saw which kind of lunatik are here

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