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Re: Are Western "first world country" lives seen as more valuable by the media?

Originally Posted by zeleni View Post
"solid institutions", "rule of law", "separation of powers"... give me a break! i not impressed with sweet words. do you seriously think that voters REALLY decide about anything substantial?
democracy (with or without quotation marks) is a deception.

democracy is a concept which doesn't exist in perfect form, but history teaches us that it's for the best to try to achieve at least some degree of that concept in practice. We have seen the alternatives and they end in personality cults, abuse of power and violence.

You should first look at the local, municipal levels to see how it goes and than tell me that your opinion doesn't count. The bigger the system the harder it is to determine your individual influence and there are more chances for manipulation but it doesn't mean your opinion is irrelevant.

do you consider integrity a doubtful, outdated concept in your everyday real life?
Be more specific and I'll try to answer, since I very much value my personal integrity but I'm not sure what you mean.

why would one (anonymous) person's opinion be decisive about my views on putin?
maybe because some people unlike you have more direct, first-hand experiences about that question? It's never a bad thing to hear other people. Also, people can change their minds dear zeleni. I know I can change mine so I keep some healthy distance all the time when discussing politics.

i am very suspicious about your tendency do use extensive personifications. smells like pliability for manipulation.
I'm not sure I understand your point but I never wanted to proclaim any politician "a great wise leader", "father of the nation" etc, they did it themselves together with their minions.

If there is a personality cult being built around a person and the person apparently doesn't mind it, I'll take it as it is. Thus the descriptions like "Putin's Russia", "Putin's media" etc are in place, but not because I invented that or have some evil agenda.
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