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Re: Are Western "first world country" lives seen as more valuable by the media?

Originally Posted by zeleni View Post
good for you. tv should be watched restrictively and only with a good cause.
(do you watch tennis only on internet?)
yes, just the Internet

do you think it is better to rotate random faces with the same political program? i think that is just a way to keep people in delusion about "democracy".
It's not about faces it's about solid institutions, rule of law and separation of powers. It's easy to say but it really takes time to build that and I believe we in Serbia will build all that eventually and "democracy" will become democracy.

in contemporary anti-russian narrative, putin is just a personification for russian sovereignity.
Sovereignity is doubtful concept in today's world, but Russia does remain a powerful country and I can't see anything bad about that. I like Russia and Russian culture.

But maybe we should ask Russians here on MTF for their opinions about Putin and other things? Start with AnnaK_4ever he/she seems to be from Russia.

I am very suspicious about powerful populist leaders. One Milosevic is enough for me in my lifetime. Thanks, but no thanks.
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