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Re: DTT Barcelona/Bucharest

You don't switch half of the draw just so the rule favors you.

You either use the rule or you don't use the rule. You don't use half the rule to switch the draw then don't give the BYE. I rather lose to supertom/abollo then having you get the benefit. I didn't even bother changing my picks after realizing a draw change, and the change was after the picks sent. You should have lost to the ALT (or any other team that faced a one player team on day 1) in the not following the rule case. Anyway, enjoy your win from complaints

Case 1: Give a bye and do draw switch
Case 2: Do a and replace one team that didn't send
Case 3: Replace the lowest ranked team with ALT

In all these cases = you lose, but you got the manager to switch the draw with the rules but give no BYEs. Great effort!!!

Edit: Also nasty tactic cause it was said after results were out

Originally Posted by 156mphserve View Post
I don't care if you don't play again. No skin off my back.

You were the one who initially proposed to switch the draw so that you unfairly got a bye. Now that the draw is back to the way it should have been(16 teams and you actually having to face someone) you're complaining about it. Sounds like to me you like to try and alter rules for your favour and kick up a hissy fit when they don't go that way. Good riddence.

If you honestly think that replacing me and coffee with a bye because 1 of us didn't send while not replacing Cava/VamosHoracio, or Adder A216/Diego36Arg because Cava and Diego didn't send then I can't help you.

I get that it may have been unfair for the 2 seed to face the 1 seed after the draw was rearranged(even though you had a 1 point lead which imo I'd rather have a 1 point lead and face the top seed than a 2 point deficet and face a non seed which was the original scenario) but it certrainly was not fair to just delete a team and put a bye in there for s**** and giggles, and for your advancement in the tournament


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