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Re: Eliminate the Permaban - Jelena

Originally Posted by acionescu View Post
Sorry, but you are simplifying stuff a lot

Forget his perennial "i'm smart you are not" attitude but that post in Miss MTF was extremely rude and offensive and his ban completely justified.
What I don't agree with, was the fact that he was practically witchhunted after he came back despite his obvious change of tone. It was like the mods just waited breathlessly for him to make a mistake to permaban him.

For all his Nadal hate, he was an intelligent, knowledgeable poster. Sad to see the stupid, unfunny trolls thriving now while he's permabanned.

Regarding your "almost" permaban, that's a clear case with what's wrong with MTF moderation atm
As if the current lineup of trolls aren't being carded, temp banned and even permabanned. They aren't thriving, just look at the ban list from time to time and you'll realize how often these funny trolls will most likely get 1+ year temp bans or even permabans. Ironically at the moment, the temp ban list is rather a small group.

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