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Re: Eliminate the Permaban - Jelena

Originally Posted by Ilovetheblues_86 View Post
Hkz, not every case shows that a permabanned user was that problematic. I was never problematic and I was one " wishing death infraction" to be permabanned before the change in the rules because I had two infractions before of wishing death (and I had only 3 infractions all my life). I wished death to a french player in a chat thread iunnocently as a joke because I needed his opponent in a game to win, and to anothger user (but only after he reported my post in which I wasnt wishing death to him, so I just thought- hell, lets give him what he wants )

Also some of the permabanned members were permabanned after silly last infractions (example- Corey Feldman and GlennMirnyi). The change is maybe to try to correct it. I mean, now at least I now I will be banned for one year if I wish death again, which is more considerate for some users that tend to infrate an specific rule because its of their nature despite respecting all other rules, for example.

Oh gosh I am a criminal who would have guessed it.
I understand your argument but it isn't like even a substantial amount of MTFers have an issue with the death rule. It just goes to my first point, the warns and rules are set clearly and posters are given enough chances. People I've seen that have been affected from the wishing death rule seemed to get the idea the first time they got really disciplined. Is it that difficult for users to use different phrases that essentially mean the same thing? Or is wishing death, jokingly or not, a freedom that so many users want?

Long story short, if you are nice, you will essentially never have to worry about getting banned. Now if posters are basically saying, I can't be respectful/nice/etc often enough to not get permabanned, then something else is wrong in this picture.

I just felt from day one this whole argument was a waste of time. Be useful -> no issue or ban. It is literally simple as that. The people who have argued against permabans make it seem like 50% of MTF users get the ban stick as if we are in a witch hunt.

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