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Re: DTT Barcelona/Bucharest

Originally Posted by 156mphserve View Post
The wording of the TT rule to me sounds like a 1 day round for singles where the player who didn't send had 0 chance of winning so its basically a bye anyway.

To me it wouldn't make any sense to have 1 alt team and by placing this alt team correctly you're demoing 2 teams from the draw and placing a bye there.

As for which team gets replaced, IMO the higher ranked team should remain in the draw as all the other rules seem to want to reward the higher ranked team.
Erm, the idea I take from here on getting a BYE is to not award the seed or the players who did not send for any points for getting through the round. Getting a BYE simply means the seed has to play the next round and win to receive any points, rather than win against a team where 1 person sent or giving the team a chance for a comeback while the team in the original draw probably got shafted against a more difficult ALT team.

The suggestion you made sounds unfair to both the teams 1) who got dropped because of lower ranking and 2) Abollo/Supertom (or whoever suggested to be moved due to both teams not sending) because the highest rank team who didn't send gets a second chance at another shot of winning. Hence why Supertom wrote of draw changes after the matches are over, which indicates a team who did not send actually have a chance/advantage against a top seed who did poorly while their team have to face ALT because they face the second top seed and their advantage being fixed from 2 up to 1 up due to both teams in a match not sending.

Anyways, I am done with this alt replacement comment and I think your team has a good chance winning cause both supertec and I have to risk for singles


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