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Re: The reality is that del Potro is easily the fifth best tennis player in the world

Originally Posted by Saberq View Post
I dont place them based on results I do it based on their game and Rafa is number 2 in the world above Delpo,so is Fed
We will have to agree to disagree. Fed wasn't exactly in best form at the AO and since then his form has only gone down. Only player worth mentioning this year was Tsonga and he played a goodish match vs Murray. And apart from that he hasn't done anything. And it's clearly due to bad form (for his standards), not some God form from Berdych or Benny. What I saw from Delpo this year is better than what I saw from Fed. He did, after all beat Novak and Murray, as well as that same Benny who beat Roger just a day before.

Originally Posted by Mark Lenders View Post
Just in general. Who is more likely to take down the players at the top (Djokovic, Federer, Nadal...) and really shake things up? I agree that Ferrer is more 'consistent', mostly (actually only) due to JMDP's inability to stay healthy/fit for prolonged periods. But as you admitted in your first post here indirectly, not only is JMDP the fifth best player in the world, in the rare occasions where he does manage to stay healthy for a relatively long period he can mix it up with the top 4 on even terms, as his 5-5 record in the past 10 matches against them shows (and not all of these matches were played during such periods anyway). He's the only one who can beat all of Federer, Nadal, Djokovic... without it being a major upset.

This is what I mean with better player; all of the top players are very wary of the threat Del Potro represents regardless of his form or anything else, he's someone who can really shake things up far more than anyone below the top 4. Despite struggling with his health all the time, he has shown that at his best he can mix it up with the top 4 and split wins with them, which no one else really has - that makes him the fifth best player in the world.
Well, Lenders, here's where your arguments begin. Your definition of a better player isn't the definition some other posters use. The answer is obviously Delpo. I would always pick him to beat a top guy or win a Slam ahead of Ferrer. And I agree, to me Delpo is a better player, but I totally understand people who say otherwise.

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