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Re: Fill-In-The-Draw (FITD) 2013 MonteCarlo Congrats to our winner Coolfish1103!

Originally Posted by MIJB#19 View Post
Champion already, huh? Congrats!
Originally Posted by notrafaelnadal View Post
Congrats coolfish!
Originally Posted by bry17may View Post
With the win of Djokovic that will be Final Upload
Originally Posted by sdmartin View Post
Thanks for managing & congrats Coolfish11103 ... more than a few of us kicking ourselves for not going with Djoker ... can't believe no one picked him to win.
Originally Posted by EnriqueIG8 View Post
Nobody had Djoko as a winner? What a shocker!

Thanks for managing this perfectly bry17may

And congrats to the Champ Coolfish11103.

I'm content with my 10th place
Thank you all.

I should be glad no one picked Djokovic to win


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