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Re: Robby Ginepri Forum!

Originally Posted by GermanBoy

You shouldn`t forget other players have a forum on their own and they also play badly sometimes. You can`t just say his performance is weak and that is the reason to refuse a forum for him. Player`s careers are full of ups and downs, that`s what tennis, or sports in general, is all about. Don`t understand your negative point of view.
Well his career up to now has been in a downward spiral. I can't saya for sure that he'll break the top 50 anytime soon though. He's got the potetial. But, honestly if you guys want a forum then have at it. I'm not stopping anybody here. I just placed a vote like all the rest.

Nothing against Robby. He's a good guy and all. I'm seen many pics of him laughing with other players. I don't discredit his game or his attitude. I just question his ability to the point where it should be made permanently a place for everyone to talk about his game. Do people really want to talk about Robby over Mardy, Andy, Taylor Dent? I don't think so. That's why I said what I said.

I have no grudges here and post what I think. So if the mods decide to make a Robby forum I won't hang myself.
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