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Lightbulb Re: Are Western "first world country" lives seen as more valuable by the media?

Originally Posted by buddyholly View Post
I do not understand why you are struggling with the concept that the location of a village in Central China could be described as rural China.I did not associate the country China with the word rural. I associated a rural part of China with the word rural.I specifically associated the village where the stabbings took place with "rural". If the stabbings had been in a Hong Kong or Beijing hotel I would definitely not have referred to the location as rural and I might have read more, because I might be there sometime. But a village in the countryside - I think not.
And these kinds of stabbings have become fairly common in China - there is not much new in them. They are typically carried out by mentally disturbed people. I would not class them as a new class of terrorist attack at all.
So I am exactly proposing that a rampage by a mentally disturbed man in rural China is of little interest to me, neither in merit or geographical location. It will not affect my life. A terrorist attack in Boston will.

And again, if you don't like capitalist media, Granma is available online. You can even subscribe. But don't count on extensive news coverage of a rampage by a mentally disturbed man in a Communist country. I am sure the corporate capitalist western media gave that story a lot more coverage than Granma did.
You clearly use the word rural much more lightly than me. I'd never define that village with such a term. There is a common guarantee that if Americans were involved in the incident, the media would most likely saturate themselves in sentimentality and hyperbole. But because Americans are involved, it does interest people like you, in spite of the geographical location and merit behind such actions being exactly the same.

And your "Granma" example is laughable in the extreme, and frankly ignorant. I get my news from RT, a non-for-profit-organisation, funded by the Russian government, albeit with no journalistic influence. They cover world events far more objectively, minus all the preachy trite most of the population has grown accustom to, and certainly are not afraid to legitimately critique issues, people and countries that would otherwise be blanket in the mainstream media.

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