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Re: Are Western "first world country" lives seen as more valuable by the media?

Originally Posted by Mug View Post
On the day of the Sandy Hook massacre, a Chinese man entered a public school, in China, and stabbed 22 people, ranging from elderly women to children. This received little coverage mostly because of the shocking events that transpired at Sandy Hook, similar to the lack of coverage in Iraq due to the Boston Marathon. By your logic, the reason as to why this event was seldom covered (and, if it were, awfully vaguely) is because the event does not constitue a...newsworthy value?
Seriously? I remember reading about the incident in china that very day. The article described that incident and others that had taken place in china. I remarked on it to myself because I thought how much havoc guns wreaked. It was horrific that so many children were cruelly injured but at least none of them died. If the man had used a gun, there would have been many dead children.

As I said, I don't watch TV news, so maybe I have more time to see and read these stories,

Also, we, thankfully, don't know what the coverage might have been if these children had been killed. And also, also, you and I knew about this incident at the time, so I assume others did as well,

P.S. I wonder if the story a week or so ago about the man who went to a community college in Texas and stabbed students got any coverage in your country. It got little in this country.

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