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Re: Are Western "first world country" lives seen as more valuable by the media?

Originally Posted by Time Violation View Post
Fair point I guess. Media will prioritize whatever topics they find pertinent, and since Western media are usually biggest/most powerful, it will inevitable create an impression that their view is the world view as well, which isn't really true.
It has nothing to do with power, but merely how cultural and social frameworks operate. The Western media fixate extensively on events that happen in the West because there is an underlying sense of duty for the media to report on these issues. What bothers me is how the media tend to neglect many important international sociopolitical issues that would nonetheless warrant ideal coverage had it happened in the West. The integrity of journalism is falling at a rapid rate because they tend to only cover first-world issues (with some exceptions, of course). This mentality, therefore, creates a blockade, where other information isn't delivered to the public because the mainstream media neglects to address them. As a result, a great portion of the population become oblivious.

Thank God we've got the internet and newspapers - platforms that showcases independent and investigative journalism. Without it, my knowledge of world events would be strictly Western.

Again, this is not fault of Western media only but also media from the Middle East and Eastern Asia. Mainstream media in the West have a great deal of Islamophobia in their reports. Likewise, Middle Eastern and some Asian media has a great deal of anti-West, anti-American, anti-Imperialism tones in their reports, particularly in North Korea, where the state-owned media degrade America and its allies at every opportunity possible.

Back on point, the only reason why certain people think our lives are more important in the first-world is because of the media's shocking ability to create that distortion. When, in reality, the importance of one life over another is immeasurable and impracticable, because perspectives constantly change, most likely depending on your location, your culture and your social obligations (i.e., cultural and social frameworks - what I mentioned earlier).

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