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Re: Are Western "first world country" lives seen as more valuable by the media?

Originally Posted by Topspindoctor View Post
You have completely missed my point. You should not care about grand scheme of things, however you should definitely look at the big picture when it comes to the events happening today - especially those that don't impact you.

If some people died thousands of kilometers away, why would you care? Does it personality matter to you? Do you want to want to stress yourself because of it? Would you waste time offering fake tears and sympathies on an online forum like I see some people doing here?

The point of the previous post, in case it escaped you is: people die all the time. It's a natural thing whether it happens sooner or later. I am an atheist, so I believe I only have one life to live and I sure as hell not going to waste it "mourning" people whose lives are deemed important by yank media.
And you have completely missed mine. Not everyone is like you - some people, whether after seeing these pictures or merely after hearing this news, do get affected. And even if they do not, so what? If you do not want to waste your time by mourning these people, nobody is stopping you. If others do want to offer their sympathies, fake or real, why should they be reprimanded for it? It´s their call, their choice. And really Sherlock, people die all the time? Thanks for the heads-up.
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