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Re: 2 explosions at Boston Marathon, UPDATE: at least 3 dead, 144 injured

Originally Posted by star View Post
I understand that a lot of people posting here don't like the U.S. and resent just about anything they can about it, but if you are complaining about the amount of coverage your country's media give to this event, that is hardly the fault of the U.S.
Did I indicate that it is?

For me, it has nothing at all to do with not liking the US. (for the record, I do like the US).
This is a phenomenon I see in the media of many countries. Not just the US.

I'm not talking about the attention given to such events in my country either because I have a wider view than the borders of my own country (esp. given the fact that I live in a small country and I understand more than one language, I tend to follow the news across the borders in various regions online.
It's quite ludicrous to assume that I'm merely talking about coverage in my country.

Originally Posted by Lee
I am more sadden by the lacking of compassion by some posts here.
How do people lack compassion if you wonder how the media covers worldwide news events? It's very important to not just blindly accept such things but to ask questions. It has nothing to do with compassion or lack of compassion. It's important to keep asking questions on the media and how news events are covered.

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